Ying Zhou's Icy Outlet

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Ying Zhou's Icy Outlet is an event that can be reached with the Traveling Salesman Neutral Effect, the Eye Of The Graeae event, or the Khufu's Journey event. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ying Zhou's Icy Outlet

You approach what appears to be a mobile igloo. That's pretty cool!

"Don't stay out in the cold, dude! Come in!"
[Show the wares!][No thanks]

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Ying Zhou's Icy Outlet
"Have a look around! And... please try not to lick anything."
Item Price Description upon purchase
Bottle Of Antifreeze 3 Rupees 'Look, I'm not gonna lie: sometimes you just don't want all of your stuff to freeze. Nobody enjoys frozen toilet paper, am I right?'
Ice Sculpting Saw 3 Rupees 'Not patient enough to wait for an item to thaw? Just sculpt it into something new! It's cryo-science, baby!'
Liquid Nitrogen 3 Rupees 'This is the most basic component of cryo-tech, dude.'
Fridge Bot 7 Rupees 'Time to deep freeze! It's the healthiest (and most annoying) way to preserve food!'
Frigid Fairy 7 Rupees 'I sometimes catch these on polar expeditions. They're so cute!'
Ice Cream 7 Rupees 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICECREAM!'
Frost Mine 8 Rupees 'I don't like blood, but I doooooooo love frost!'
Ancient Ice Crystal 9 Rupees 'I don't quite understand the science behind these crystals yet, but whatever it is... it's powerful!'
Azure Bracelet 9 Rupees 'This bracelet looks so good with all my frozen stuff!'
Freeze Ray 19 Rupees 'I'm not a fan of violence, but this is one hell of a sweet gun! Freeze, bad guys!'
Generic post-purchase quote
Ying Zhou hands you an X...'Anything else you like?'
Insufficient funds quote
"If you've come here to barter, then this isn't the right place. Come back when you have enough money! Stay cool, dude!"
Death quote
You seem to have died at Ying Zhou's Icy Outlet. Ying Zhou freezes your corpse and slides it out of her shop.
Leaving quote
'Stay cool, dude!'