Wild Mode: Racing In Reverse

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Wild Mode: Racing In Reverse is a Global Effect.

All movement is reversed! Whenever you go forward, you go backward instead and vice versa!

Dice rolls still move you forward, but Speed has the reversed effect!

Global Effect

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • If you would move backward, you move forward. If you would move forward, you move backward.
  • This effect doesn't apply to movement already affected by itself or to movement from the dice roll in the Roll Phase.
  • Effects like Man Mode which prevent backward movement will prevent "standard forward movement that gets turned into backwards movement" and allow "standard backward movement that gets turned into forward movement".
  • This even affects movement which doesn't trigger movement-triggered effects like with Shift.
  • The Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Tatsumaki Zankukyaku skills behave strangely with this effect; the effect affects all movement from the skills except for the movement of the skill user when they choose backwards.
  • The effect of Speed on movement when rolling in the Roll Phase is reversed. Note that, unlike when you move 0 spaces with less Speed than your die roll result in a game without this mode, you will move backwards if your Speed is greater than the die roll result.
  • Space Capacitator isn't sold at the Future Shop. Horn is sold instead.
  • The Illusionist class is always unavailable.
  • All sources of Overlord besides Boss Passives & Effects are changed to give Underlord instead.

How To Start[edit | edit source]

  • This effect starts when the game begins if Wild Mode: Racing In Reverse is selected under Wild Mode during Game Creation. It lasts the entire game.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • The Teleporter, Homing Pigeon, Courier Flap, Safe, and Black Hole In A Box items are exceptionally powerful. The Teleporter (along with the EMP Generator to disable other players' Teleporter Activators) is sold at the Future Shop. Consider stealing other players' Activators with an ACME Magnet or stalling their Activators out by 2 Rounds (and 26-34% energy) with a Signal Jammer.
  • Running against a bad guy or the Indian chief in The Wild West, running from Saruman, running from The United Nations, being blown away by the Bomb!, getting caught digging through Princess Bubblegum's trash pile in Ooo, running from The Bear!, launching yourself with a Catapult, and running 30 spaces in Fantasy World are ways to make solid progress. In a team game, use your Gun against a teammate to grant them 40 spaces.
  • Commonly available ways to lower your temporary Speed include the Slow Debuff from the Slow Spell, Slowing Poison from the Poison item, Bleeding from Broken Glass, Cocaine Burnout, and raising your Shield.
  • You can lower your Speed in The Jungle by watching Jane/Tarzan shower or with Malaria.
  • Sneezing Powder at The ACME Shop should be a regular part of your purchasing considerations on Friday.
  • Saboteur's Tinker can create Teleporter, Teleporter Activator, Courier Flap, Black Hole In A Box, Safe, Space Fluctuator, Gallifreyan Time Watch, Space Capacitator, Sheep, Pogo-Stick, Extendo Fist, Sex Bomb, Signal Jammer, and EMP Generator. Sabotage can also deny these to other players. Liquid Nitrogen can be created and used to Freeze a Teleporter Activator so it doesn't lose energy during the Effects Phase or to create a Frigid Fairy (esp. with Warlock's Demon Fairy) for multiple uses of the same purpose. And, for particularly long games, Tinker can be used for Camera Of Remembrance + Void Stabilizer, letting you create multiple Courier Flaps and Homing Pigeons.
  • Warlock's Curse Of Relativity from Call Demon becomes a bonus (though Curse Of Cold may force Curse removal.) Power Imp still works well with slowing effects, and Frostclaw can effectively replace Hellrusher's role, though this can quickly become futile in games with Acceleration spam; ideally you'd have Steady Progression to at least make use of the Power Imp. Chaotic Power can be used for avoiding the 1st 10 spaces of knockback from a Pogo Stick and to die for Not My Time Yet if you're Time Twister. Chaotic Energy can be used for more Tinkering if you're Saboteur or for Sonic Screwdriver. Chaotic Fire can defend against Sabotage's Highly Flammable or create Oil for un-Freezing.
  • Time Twister's Lock Time can be used to move yourself 15 spaces forward or to prevent gaining Speed (such as from casting Acceleration.) Steady Progression can help you if you're inflicted with positive Speed. Not My Time Yet has synergy with some classes listed here.
  • Barbarian's Leap can be used for sprinting, with Roar knocking enemies who are leading back.
  • Merchant has access to Engineering Shop for Signal Jammer and ACME Shop for Magnet, as well as all the items it normally uses to boost itself, as well as The Magic Shop's typical Spells (with On Love's Wings being more useful as well as Acceleration if you're Time Twister.) Purchase can also generate Homing Pigeon/Courier Flap/Black Hole In A Box with significant luck.
  • In really long games, Ranger can somewhat reliably use Pack Leader to create Homing Pigeon/Courier Flap. It can also lower the cooldowns of these items afterward. And Tracking can grant Dig access to potentially find Apollo's Phoenix/Baetylus/Tablet Of Destinies/The Pied Piper's Pipe/The Smoking Mirror/Hammer Of Hephaestus/The Sands Of Time.
  • Sorcerer's Frostbolt can Root to deny event spaces and to burn energy on a Teleporter Activator. Pyroblast can be used to literally burn a Teleporter Activator with Sabotage support.
  • Enchanter's Magic Affinity becomes a downside, though in long enough games with enough Acceleration spam, Arcane Relocation increases in usefulness. Lovely Crystal can also be Condensed for On Love's Wings. Enchant's Fireproof and Frostproof protect from Sabotage (w/o Talent) and Pyroblast, Soulbound protects from ACME Magnet.
  • Priest's Radiance has its normal Spells (with On Love's Wings being more useful.)

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