U.N. Voting

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U.N. Voting is a Global Effect.

The U.N. are having a vote!

Global Effect

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • All players have 60 seconds to vote Yay or Nay on a motion. If >50% of the votes cast are Yay, it is applied in the first Round Effects after the end of the 60 seconds. If <50% of the votes cast are Yay, the motion is not applied. If exactly 50% of the votes cast are Yay, the motion has a chance to pass or fail.
  • Standard: The motion will be randomly selected from a pool including the following:
  • A phrase composed of 1 random selection from each of these 2 parts:
  • Hungry Games will start.
  • The Finish has to be moved 20-30 spaces forwards.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The motion voted on is shown up-front; it's not randomly selected after the voting period.
  • In the cases above with "more/fewer", "gain/lose", "forward/back", "odd/even", a range of numbers, or a variety of items/skills/effects, a specific word/number/item/skill/effect is shown in the motion rather than it being decided after the voting period.
  • A motion that affects "The player who is in the lead" will affect multiple players if they're each in the lead.
  • "Man Mode" and "Ni!" above refer to the skills rather than the effects.
  • The "random assortment of reinforcements" refers to Reinforcements.
  • Moving the Finish forwards refers to the finish line being moved to a higher space value.
  • Regarding the effects granted:
  • Guardian gives 4 gifts.
  • Speed Boost is for 3 turns.
  • AIDS is for 6-7(?) turns (non-cubus)/22(?) turns (-cubus).
  • Crabs is for 5 turns (non-cubus)/15 turns (-cubus).

How To Start[edit | edit source]

  • On Friday the 13th, an event to start the Friday the 13th exclusive version of this effect is queued for a random player after the Round Effects of a random Round from 7-12(?). Alternatively, this event is queued for a random player after 1-3 Round Effects after a player leaves the game while they have Jason's Mask or Jason's Rage and no other player has Jason's Rage.
  • For either possibility, in terms of turn structure, the event takes place after the 2nd "Class Choice Phase/Jukebox Phase->Resurrection Phase" loop of the selected player's turn (and allows for a 3rd such loop after the event); if a player is Dead or Reincarnated, they are not eligible to have the event, and the next player to reach that point in their turn structure while eligible for the event has it instead.

Events[edit | edit source]