Turbulent Juice

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Turbulent Juice is an item.

Turbulent Juice
In-Game Description
Tooltip Make an item Sparkling.

Alternatively, drink a sip to give yourself Mojo and a +1 Speed Boost for 2 turns. Has 5 charges.

Object, Animal Products, Drink, Liquid
Uses 5
Other appearances
4 Charges left
3 Charges left
2 Charges left
1 Charge left

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose one option:
  • Choose another item you have which isn't Sparkling. Give it the Sparkling enchantment.
  • Drink from this item to gain 2 turns of Temporary Mojo and 2 turns of Turbulent Speed Boost.
  • Turbulent Speed Boost: Passively grants 1 Speed.

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Turbulent Speed Boost Tooltip
You have a temporary Speed Boost!
You have +1 Speed.

Category: Buff

Event Use[edit | edit source]

Other Item Use[edit | edit source]

  • Flying Carpet: In addition to moving 7-9 spaces forward, the Carpet gains the Sparkling enchantment.

How To Obtain[edit | edit source]

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