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Tips are helpful tidbits of information that are useful for newer players in learning the game.

Tip 1:
Some items such as the Gun or Diss Cards queue up for your next turn.
Tip 2:
Don't be afraid to try things. The game is full of secrets! Most of which will kill you.
Tip 3:
Item Combining is very easy. Open up the Combine Items window (button in your Inventory) to see which combinations exist and which you can currently make.
Tip 4:
Most items can be used even when it's not your turn.
Tip 5:
Items have tooltips when you mouse over them. Read them carefully before you use them!
Tip 6:
You can only have 1 item per item type. Double items will not be received.
Tip 7:
Death normally lasts 2 full turns. You can be resurrected by other players or effects. And sometimes you will enter a special afterlife.
Tip 8:
There is a certain creature that is very fond of Cocaine...
Tip 9:
Many items can be used in events. When you have items that can be used, the event will let you know.
Tip 10:
Do you like Board Game Online? Consider making a donation and unlock loads of cool rewards!
Tip 11:
Tired of listening to someone? Right click any player in the chat or in the ranking to mute them.
Tip 12:
Game hosts can kick and ban players from their game by right clicking them in the chat or in the ranking, but only before the game has started.
Tip 13:
Rupees are mostly used to buy items. Hover over your money bag in your Inventory to see how much money you have.
Tip 14:
Skills also appear in your Inventory. Skills are generally not used up when you use them, but often have a cooldown.
Tip 15:
The Jukebox contains over 40,000 songs, all selected by our own playerbase. You can contribute to the Jukebox on the Jukebox Suggestions and the Jukebox Review pages.
Tip 16:
Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitation don't stack. You only skip a single turn.
Tip 17:
You can minimize the top banner (the Board Game Online logo) by clicking it.
Tip 18:
You can minimize and disable the Jukebox by clicking one of its top right buttons. (Jukebox toggle)
Tip 19:
You can resize the elements on your screen by moving your mouse in between them. For example, try moving your mouse between the Event screen (in the middle) and the Ranking (on the right).
Tip 20:
You can whisper to other players and observers typing /w name message. For example, to whisper my friend Billy I type: /w bil You're a dipshit, Billy!
Tip 21:
In team games, you can chat with your own team typing /t message. For example, to talk to my own team I type: /t You guys are horrible!
Tip 22:
When you donate you receive BG Coins, which can be spent at the BG Shop. For example, you can buy special dice and tombstones to look cooler in-game!
Tip 23:
You can organize your Inventory by dragging your items and skills around.
Tip 24:
BGO players have created an awesome wiki! And you can contribute to it as well!
Tip 25:
Every week there is a single Wild Mode active. These special modes really shake up the game rules, so check the new Wild Mode every Friday!
Tip 26:
Legendary Artifacts can be earned at the Archaeology Dig event. It's hard to do, but those items are insanely powerful!
Tip 27:
BGO runs completely on donations. Every euro or dollar counts and earns you our eternal love.
Tip 28:
Most effects that revive you don't stack. They will trigger at the same time, even though you're only revived once.
Tip 29:
Several shops have a Daily Special for sale. This item is different based on the day of the week.

Special Tip:
Never pet a burning dog.
Special Tip:
E = mc^2
Special Tip:
There is no secret cow level.

...Or is there?
Special Tip:
When another player is a dick, kill them as often as possible. Then some more.
Special Tip:
Warning! Reading these tips will decrease your chance to get laid severely. Whoops, too late!
Special Tip:
Realise the truth. There is no tip.
Special Tip:
The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.
Special Tip:
Erm... win the game? How's that for a tip?
Special Tip:
Your heart will explode.
Special Tip:
Please help me! They are forcing me to write tips for some online game! They won't let me go! Please my name is Is... what? No, I- I am working... P-please! Put the gun down. PLEASE! NO PLEA... *gunshots*

Carry on. Nothing to see here.