The Wizard Shop

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The Wizard Shop is an event that can be reached from the [A card picturing a hat covered in stars.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also simply be a random event.

  • This is a special location for the Bug Net. Items which can be caught include: Bookworm.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Wizard Shop

You stand in front of the Wizard Shop. Interested in buying some wizarding tools?

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

The Wizard Shop
'Greetings, traveler! My name is Wilgeon Whizzbang and this is my shop. If you aspire to become a wizard yourself, then you're at the right address!

Can I perhaps interest you in an Orb or a Staff?/Don't mind the Phoenix. She gets upset around strangers.' says the bearded wizard.

Item Price Description upon purchase
Wabbajack 5 Rupees 'Oh, this staff is simply unfuriating! It's pure madness! I'd love to just get rid of the damn thing altogether. By which I mean... it's a pleasure doing business with you.'
Fairy Crystal 6 Rupees 'This Crystal is teeming with magic! An excellent source of power for a wizard.'
Wizard Hat 7 Rupees 'I can see you take wizarding seriously, boy. Wear this hat with pride and focus your mind!'
Staff 7 Rupees 'What is a wizard without a staff? Charging your staff won't be cheap, but it will definitely be worth it!'
Orb 7 Rupees 'Ahh yes! This orb has potential for both dark and light magic. Charge it twice for unpredictable results...'
Magic Broom 15 Rupees 'A Magic Broom is an essential part of any witch or wizard's equipment! Float to safety or charge it with magic to zoom forward!'
Azure Bracelet 9 Rupees 'A very elegant design, this bracelet! It weaves waves of frost into any spell you cast. Marvelous!'
Wizard Robes 9 Rupees 'Put on your Robes and Wizard Hat for the ultimate wizarding experience! These Robes will let you feel the Flow Of Magic!'
Spellbinder's Charm 9 Rupees 'Sometimes reflecting a Spell just isn't enough. With this charm you can absorb a Spell, then cast it later when the time is right!'
Tome Of Magic 45 Rupees 'This dusty old tome is probably one of the most powerful sources of magic I possess. Use its power wisely, boy.'
Pensieve 4 Rupees 'Ahhh, Monday's Special! This particular Pensieve can extract a person's memories, allowing others to view them. As such, they are ideal for memory transfer. Sure, it causes some people to go mad, but what doesn't?'
Gubraithian Fire 11 Rupees 'Ahhh, Tuesday's Special! Only a few wizards currently alive are capable of producing this everburning fire. I receive these from an anonymous source in the Scottish highlands. That's all I can say on the subject.'
Deluminator 6 Rupees 'Ahhh, Wednesday's Special! So far no wizard has been able to duplicate the exact effects of Dumbledore's Deluminator, but this new device comes close! Its side-effects are still being studied, so you'd better be careful!'
Horcrucifix 11 Rupees 'Ahhh, Thursday's Special! I wasn't sure if I should sell these, to be honest. Ever since the death of... you know... soul magic has become a subject of interest once more. This is a byproduct of such research. You should use it carefully...'
Ley Prism 5 Rupees 'Ahhh, Friday's Special! Normally, prisms not only redirect magic, but also alter it. These Ley Prisms are different, in that they are able to redirect and multiply magic unaltered. Unfortunately doing so destroys the prism.'
Mana Potion 4 Rupees 'Ahhh, Saturday's Special! It's Sorcerer Saturday, so we're selling these very handy Mana Potions! Of course they're not entirely useless if your not a Sorcerer. Drink up!'
Flying Carpet 7 Rupees 'Ahhh, Sunday's Special! This particular Arabian carpet only flies when you pour a liquid over it. Those Arabian wizards and their obsession with water...'
Toilet Paper 2 Rupees 'Wear them around your Staff to keep the evil influence of Corona at bay!'
Generic post-purchase quote
...says Wilgeon. 'Perhaps I can interest you in something else? Hmm?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Sorry, boy. I'm afraid I need the money to finance my magical research. Come back when you have enough Rupees.' Damn... no X for you.
Leaving quote
You leave the Wizard Shop.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Azure Bracelet and Wabbajack are not guaranteed to be in the shop; they appear rarely. They also cannot both appear in the shop at the same time.
  • The following items are only sold at this shop on the named day of the week:
  • Monday: Pensieve
  • Tuesday: Gubraithian Fire
  • Wednesday: Deluminator
  • Thursday: Horcrucifix
  • Friday: Ley Prism
  • Saturday: Mana Potion
  • Sunday: Flying Carpet