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If you're looking for this event's flavor text, see The Wild West (flavor text).

The Wild West can be reached from the [A card picturing buffaloes in a rugged land.] option in Cards Of Fate, the talented Trade Routes event, the Travel event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Wild West] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Fork In The Road event, the Khufu's Journey event, the Seal Of Disapprovalâ„¢ event, or from Crossroads. It can also simply be a random event.

  • On the first visit to this event, you begin by choosing Cowboys or Indians; this choice will determine the portion of the Wild West events you can go to for the rest of the entire game and can't be reversed. (You can also simply leave without making a choice, in which case you can choose on a future visit.)
  • This is a special location for the Shovel. Items which can be dug up include: Torn Memento: Right Side, Wishbone, Mining Pick, Gun, Lasso, Bow, Skull (2), Ordinary Ring, Ordinary Necklace, and 1 Rupee.

Cowboys[edit | edit source]

In Cowboy Town, you can enter the saloon, visit the shop, or challenge a bad guy to a duel.

[Enter the saloon.][edit | edit source]

After entering The Saloon, you have to choose one of the following options:

[Ask the bartender for a drink.][edit | edit source]

  • If you've defeated exactly 0 or 1 Wild West bad guys, nothing happens.
  • If you have defeated exactly 2 bad guys, you have a Random Drink.
  • If you've defeated exactly 3 bad guys, you gain a Potion item.
  • If you have defeated exactly 0 to 2 bad guys, you have a Random Drink.
  • If you have defeated exactly 3 bad guys, you gain a Potion item, then you have a Random Drink.

[Check out the WANTED posters.][edit | edit source]

You can choose to gain either a Wanted Poster: Item or a Wanted Poster: Player. (Mousing over either option will reveal the specific traits it will have once created.)

[Go to the drunk.][edit | edit source]

You can use your (Holy) Hammer or Drunkard's Bar or Hammerhead Shark to attempt to hit a drunk man to take the item he's holding. If you fail, you gain Skip-A-Turn and don't get the item, though this risk can be removed; the Sneaky Buff makes success guaranteed. If successful, the item is then revealed and received. The following are confirmed as possible items:
Beer, Boots, Drunkard's Bar, Gun, Ketchup, Lasso, Mining Pick, Potion, Rattlesnake, Shovel, Time Travel Condom

[Check out the room upstairs.][edit | edit source]

You can choose to enter the room Upstairs or not. (The entity inside will be revealed before entering if you have Night Vision Goggles's Passive activates.) If you enter, you go to the The Light Switches On... subevent.

Use your Piano to liven up the place![edit | edit source]

This option is only available if you have an ACME Piano.

  • Gain 2-9 Rupees if you don't have a Pet Bear.
  • Gain 10-17 Rupees if Pet Bear's Passive activates.
  • Note that the Piano is not consumed upon use here.

[Visit the shop.][edit | edit source]

The Cowboy Shop[edit | edit source]

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]
The Shop
You enter the shop.
Shop Interface[edit | edit source]
The Cowboy Shop
'Hey there, stranger! See anything y'like?'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Hammer 2/1/1 Rupees 'I can see you are an expert! Such fine craftsmanship! Great for whacking stuff! A beauty, ain't she? I wish you the best of luck with her!'
Bucket 3/2/1 Rupees 'Can you feel it? It's a brand new bucket! The very best you can get your hands on on this side of Texas!'
Potion 3/2/1 Rupees 'Ahh, yes! This one I've bought from an Indian tradesman. Who knows what mystic powers it holds? Well, I hope it'll help you on your adventures!'
Mining Pick 4/3/2 Rupees 'You can use this sturdy Mining Pick to dig for crystals in rocky areas. Stay on the lookout for rocks, partner!'
Gun 9/6/3 Rupees 'Ahhh, the Indian Killer 1900! A fine choice! Or perhaps you wanted to use it to teach some bad guys a lesson? We've got plenty of those around here!'
Lasso 8/6/3 Rupees 'The lasso is real classic. A must-have if you want to get some lassoing done!'
Toilet Paper 2 Rupees 'Excellent choice, sir! We all have to be prepared these days!'
Generic post-purchase quote
'How about you buy some more tools, eh?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Come back when you have money!'
Death quote
You seem to have died somehow, and the Cowboy Shop owner drags your body out of the shop.
Leaving quote
'Have a nice day, sir.'
1 bad guy defeated quote
'Welcome back, sir! Can I interest you in a nice gun? Still lots of bad guys out there! I'll even give you a discount!'
2 bad guys defeated quote
'Good to see you again, sir! Our town is a lot safer with you around! If you wish to take on the toughest desperados, please buy one of my guns! I'll give you a hefty discount!'
3 bad guys defeated quote
Welcome, sir! It's such an honor to have you here! Please, take anything you need!


God bless you!

Notes[edit | edit source]
  • The prices in the table above are arranged by the price with 0 bad guys/1 bad guy/2 bad guys defeated by the turn player. Note that if you've defeated 3 bad guys, you receive every item in the shop (excluding Toilet Paper) instantly without paying anything.
  • Toilet Paper is only for sale if Coronavirus Pandemic is active.

[Challenge the local bad guy to a duel.][edit | edit source]

In this event, success results in the bad guy being killed or imprisoned. Failure results in being knocked back 30 spaces if you aren't Bulletproof (if you fail pre-"No.") OR having the Skip-A-Turn status applied to you if you fail post-"No.". This event is effectively split up into 2 sections: pre-"No." skill and post-"No." skill.

Pre-"No." skill[edit | edit source]

  • Guaranteed failure options:
  • Guaranteed success options:
  • Chance-based option:

Post-"No." skill[edit | edit source]

  • Guaranteed failure options:
  • Choosing [No idea. Let him beat me up.]
  • Horn
  • Guaranteed success options:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You instantly receive 10 Rupees after defeating your 1st bad guy, 20 Rupees after your 2nd bad guy, and 50 Rupees after defeating Billy the Kid or Jesse James (one of which will be the 3rd bad guy).
  • The pre-"No." Gun option can fail on any bad guy, though the chance of failure with it is higher the more bad guys the turn player has defeated.
  • The post-"No." event can be accessed by using "No.", Dark Scroll: Disarm and clicking [Nope.] while Bulletproof
  • The Firearms Specialist feat increases the chance of success.
  • After a player has defeated 3 bad guys, the statement "All the bad guys are gone!" will replace this option for all players, and no more can be faced by any player for the entire rest of the game. Before a player has defeated 3, any number of players can defeat up to 2 bad guys without the option being eliminated.
  • The Gun is not consumed in this event.
  • Bow has 1 arrow consumed (only if used post-"No.").
  • (Holy) Hammer is lost (only if used pre-"No.")
  • Sword doesn't lose any charges when used.
  • Eating the bad guy with Pacman post-"No." counts as eating a generic Meat, Animal Products, Food item for Food-related effects.
  • If you are already Dead when you fail, you don't get a penalty.

Indians[edit | edit source]

Every time you visit the Indian Village, you receive 2 arrows (or 3 with reputation from at least 2 successful rituals) for the Bow you have if it has max 5 charges OR 1 arrow (or 2 with reputation from at least 2 successful rituals) for the Bow you have if it has max 3 charges. (If a form of Bow is not in your inventory, you receive a basic Bow with the 2-3 arrows.)

  • Before selecting an option, you have a chance to be able to mine a rock with your Mining Pick for a generic item if the flavor text says "you see some boulders lying around".
  • You can choose to take part in a ritual, trade items, or go to the Indian Casino. Also, if you have succeeded at least once in [Take part in a ritual.] on a previous visit, you can also instead go to [Train bow skills.].

[Train bow skills.][edit | edit source]

Can only be selected after at least 1 successful ritual while you don't have Skilled With Bow. You gain the Skilled With Bow Buff.

  • Skilled With Bow: When you have any Bow, the range is 50 instead of 35, and the miss chance is 5% instead of 25%. Also, you always hit the target in the Shoot A Bow ritual in The Wild West.
Skilled With Bow Tooltip
You are skilled with Bow.

Category: Buff

[Take part in a ritual.][edit | edit source]

You randomly go to one of the following subevents (unless you have max. reputation from 3 successful rituals in one game, in which case you always go to Peace Pipe.) Upon successfully gaining reputation from the subevents a 3rd time, you instantly gain the Totem Of The Beast.

  • Shoot A Bow- You are given a bow and an arrow (not related to the item), told a cardinal direction where a target is, and told a cardinal direction from which the wind is blowing.
  • If you try to shoot [In the middle] while the wind is blowing from the same direction or from the opposite direction as the target, you should hit it.
  • If you try to shoot [To the left] while the wind is blowing from the cardinal direction to the left of the target (exs:Target is north and the wind is blowing from the west or Target is south and the wind is blowing from the east), you should hit it.
  • If you try to shoot [To the right] while the wind is blowing from the cardinal direction to the right of the target (exs:Target is north and the wind is blowing from the east or Target is south and the wind is blowing from the west), you should hit it.
  • If you choose an option without it matching one of the above parameters, it will miss (unless you have the Skilled With Bow Buff from the [Train bow skills.] option above, in which case it will hit.)
  • Dysprosium has stated that there is a rare chance to miss the target even if the optimal direction is chosen.
  • If you hit the target, you gain reputation. If you don't, effectively nothing happens.
  • Peace Pipe- You gain reputation if it isn't yet maxed. Gain 3 turns of the Stoned neutral effect. If you already had max. reputation when selecting the [Take part in a ritual.] option, you also gain 6-9 Rupees.

[Trade items.][edit | edit source]

The Indian chief puts forward a random item for trade with a vague description.

  • You can offer the chief nothing in return or offer him Dragon Balls, in which case you are chased back 20 spaces.
  • You can offer the chief a non-Soulbound item. He normally has a random chance to either accept the item for trade or deny it and chase you back 20 spaces (without your item being consumed.) (He cannot deny the item for trade if you are a Merchant or if you have Haggle Expert or if the item is Sparkling.)
  • If a Sparkling item is given to the chief, you gain 5 Rupees in addition to the vaguely described item.
  • Other players can see the vague description for the chief's offered item and can see an item you give the chief, though they can't see the specfic item you receive.
  • The following are the vague descriptions along with confirmed possible corresponding items:

[Go to the Indian Casino][edit | edit source]

[Slot Machine][edit | edit source]

You can pay 2 Rupees (with a chance to win 15 Rupees upon winning) or leave. If you choose to pay:

  • You can pull the slot machine up to 4 times (with a chance to simply leave after each pull).
  • Each pull results in 3 separate icons being shown.
  • After each pull, you can lock icons so that they will stay the same for the rest of the pulls. (They can't be unlocked.)
  • The goal is to have all 3 icons be the same after any of the pulls, at which point the 15 Rupees are given.
  • If the 3 icons aren't the same after 4 pulls, you simply leave the event.
  • The possible icons are:
  • Note that the subevent doesn't actually give out the items from the icons.

[Jackpot][edit | edit source]

You can either pay 2 Rupees for a chance to win the Jackpot or simply leave. (The chance to win is quite low by default, though your chance to win can be boosted by Lucky.)

Note that the Jackpot is an event that spans across all BGO games in a given server.

  • When a player in any game plays the Jackpot and loses, 1 Rupee is added to the pot. An item is added to the pot for every 50 Rupees added to the pot if possible.
  • When a player in any game wins the pot, the prize pool resets to 100 Rupees with only 2 items.

Items that can appear in the pot include ACME Pogo-Stick, ACME Rocket, Bulletproof Vest, Clock, Cow, Diss Card: Death, Explosive Sheep, Flamethrower, Gun, Hand Grenade, Hookshot, Hypno Glasses, Improbability Device, Lasso, Ley Prism, Liquid Luck, Magic Star, Parachute, Phaser, Red Mushroom, Relic, Ring Of Speed, Rooster, Sex Bomb, Shield, Sniper Rifle, Spellbinder's Charm, Sword, Time Travel Condom, Wizard Hat, and Volatile Oil.

[Russian Roulette][edit | edit source]

You can select another player and press [Choose] to play Russian Roulette with that player or say you changed your mind and leave.

  • A selected player cannot refuse to play Russian Roulette, and once the game has begun, typically neither player can leave till someone is shot.
  • If you choose to play with another player, they [Pull the trigger] with a 1/6 chance to die, then you do so with a 1/5 chance, then they do so with a 1/4 chance, then you do so with a 1/3 chance, then they do so with a 1/2 chance, then you do so with a guaranteed death.
  • If at any time a player dies due to this chain (including with the death blocked), the chain of death chances stops and the event ends.
  • If a player would be handed the gun or would select pulling the trigger while already dead due to a source external to Russian Roulette, the chain ends. Note that a dead player can oddly hand someone else the gun, and a living player can pull the trigger even if their opponent is dead.
  • Note that each pull of the trigger happens on separate pages, so actions can be made in response to being handed the gun before each trigger pull.
  • Being Bulletproof prevents you from dying if you shoot yourself; the game still ends in such a case.
  • Having the "No." Skill won't save you from death in this game.

Removed Content[edit | edit source]

[Talk to the cowboy.] in The Saloon[edit | edit source]

You speak to a gay cowboy.

  • If you are female, this event is just flavor unless you are -cubus class, in which case you have effectively the same event as males who have males sexually preferred. (This is described below.)
  • If you are male, he offers to buy you a drink and, if you accept, either you'll be "pretty drunk" after "having a few too many" and have sex without being asked OR he'll ask if you want to go upstairs to have sex, to which you can say yes or no.
  • If you don't have males sexually preferred, having sex with him will make you lose 1 permanent Speed unless you are -cubus class, in which case you have effectively the same event as males who have males sexually preferred.
  • If you do have males sexually preferred in account settings, you randomly either gain 1 permanent Speed or lose 1 permanent Speed upon having sex. (The "had a few too many" scenario and the asking scenario appear to have the same probability for gaining +1 and -1 Speed.)
  • If you have Jinxed Jewel Of Impotence, neither of the above 2 bullet points apply; you can't have sex, so you don't gain or lose any Speed.
  • Though he buys you a drink, you aren't treated as drinking. Also, you do NOT gain the Drunk neutral effect.
  • Saying no results in leaving the event with no change.

Gallery[edit | edit source]