The Welfare Warehouse

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The Welfare Warehouse can be reached from the Catapult's standard self-launch with the Lucky Buff and without the Floating Buff while hitting no player or from the [A card picturing a cold hall full of boxes.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also be a random event; in this case, it can only be encountered by a player with 15 or less Rupees.

In the event, you are shown 43 "cheap" items, and you choose to receive one of them. The items which appear are: Hammer, Potion, Bucket, Lemon, Time Travel Condom, Horn, ACME Piano, Gloves, Fish, Dark Wand, Light Wand, Mining Pick, Candy Cane, Weed, all 15 Books with Learnable Feats (ordered Bounty Hunting, Tinkering Quietly, Spare Time Efficiency, Spell Deflecting, Pathfinding, Bear Behaviour, Trivia Expertise, Human Aerodynamics, Grenadier, Fisherman, Shield Mastery, Spelunking, Druggy, Firearms Specialist, Haggle Expert), Beer, Skinning Knife, Ordinary Ring, Cup Of Tea, Glass Of Milk, Butter, Fire Opal, Sparkle Polish, Anvil, Ordinary Necklace, Trash Can, Tube Of Glue, Tasty Treats, and Reading Glasses.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

The Welfare Warehouse

You stand in front of the Welfare Warehouse. Poor people such as yourself can always count on the kindness of the people here. Do you wish to enter?


Upon continuing:

The Welfare Warehouse
A kind woman welcomes you.

"Come in, you poor thing! Warm yourself and have a look around. If you see anything useful, it's yours. We can all use a little help sometimes."

Choose one item that you'd like to take:


Upon choosing an item:

Farewell, Welfare!
You take X!