The Sci-Fi Shop

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The Sci-Fi Shop is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Flavor Events Neutral Effect from the [The Sci-Fi Shop] option of Wildcard: Flavor Events or from the [A card picturing an ominous red light.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also simply be a random event.

This shop contains all of the "Today's Special" items available for purchase in the Future Shop.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Sci-Fi Shop

"Welcome to this trading facility, PlayerName. As you may know, I am the HAL 9000 series. I prefer to be addressed as Hal. You have been authorized to browse and optionally purchase any of these available items."

[Show the wares!][No thanks.]

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

The Sci-Fi Shop
"I will handle the transactions, should there be anything you wish to buy."
Item Price Description upon purchase
Sonic Shotgun 15 Rupees 'A good choice if you predict situations where non-lethal violence is required. I do advise you to read the instructions first.'
Genesis Device 14 Rupees 'I advise against the use of this alien technology. Although advanced and reliable, it does pose a serious risk to a human user. Please do read the instructions carefully before using it.'
Clonegg 5000 10 Rupees 'My advise would be to use this device to clone an item of significant value. I hope you do not feel I am stating the obvious here. I am merely trying to assist you of course.'
Spice Weasel 7 Rupees 'This alien critter has been deemed H for Harmless. To humans at least. It is especially useful on space missions where a lack of food supplies is a realistic probability.'
Brain Massager 12 Rupees 'Stimulus by this device to the human brain has been proven to have a positive effect on its cognitive functions. Prolonged exposure may lead to a serious increase in IQ, which may impact your social life. Please consult a psychotherapist if any such problems should arise.'
Betazoid Conductor 16 Rupees 'It is a common misunderstanding that this device redirects 'magic'. I could go into detail about its exact functions, but I've calculated that it would take me roughly 127 years to explain this to an average human. I suppose that, for the time being, you can just read the short description.'
Unstable Warp Plasm 9 Rupees 'Please note that this Warp Plasm is unstable and needs to be contained. Exposure to fire will lead to a fiery explosion. I advise you to only use this under strictly safe circumstances.'
Generic post-purchase quote
Hal hands you a X... "Let me know if you wish to make another purchase, PlayerName."
Insufficient funds quote
"I am sorry, PlayerName. You do not have enough money to make this purchase. I suggest you acquire additional funds first. Travel safely, PlayerName."
Death quote
You seem to have died at the Sci-Fi Shop. Hal disposes of your body by launching it into outer space.
Leaving quote
"Alright. Travel safely, PlayerName."