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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see The Magic Shop (flavor text).

The Magic Shop is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Shops Neutral Effect from the Wildcard: Shops item's [The Magic Shop] option, the Trade Routes event, the Travel event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Magic Shop] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Fork In The Road event, the Khufu's Journey event, the Seal Of Disapprovalâ„¢ event, the [A card picturing a witch behind a counter.] option in Cards Of Fate, or from Crossroads. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Magic Shop

You stand in front of Griselda's Magic Shop. Do you wish to enter to purchase powerful spells?

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

The Magic Shop
Griselda the Witch gives you a wicked smile as you enter the shop.

'Come right in, little boy/girl! Tee hee hee! Are you looking for magic? I've got the best! So... what may it be?'

Item Price Description upon purchase
Dark Wand 2 Rupees 'Dark magic is stronger than light magic, little boy/girl! Use it for evil.'
Light Wand 2 Rupees 'Light magic is not my style, but anything can be used for evil, little boy/girl!'
Generic post-purchase quote
'Maybe another wand? Or do you want to charge your magical items with powerful spells?'
Insufficient funds quote
Urgh, you stinky rat! Stop wasting my time and leave if you don't have any money!

Get out of my shop, maggot! OUT!'

Leaving quote
You decide not to enter the Magic Shop. Perhaps witches give you the creeps.
Magic Charges
'Alright, little boy/girl, do you want to charge a magic item with a spell? I can charge Wands, Staves and Orbs with powerful Dark and Light spells. If you can pay, of course!'
Dark Wand
'Choose a single spell to charge your Dark Wand with.'
Spell Price Description
Arcane Explosion 5 Rupees Cause a magical explosion, knocking all players in a 12 space radius around you 10 spaces away from you.
Slow 5 Rupees Reduce a player's Speed by 4 for 2 turns.
Steal Item 12 Rupees Steal one random item from another player.
'Or maybe you're looking for rare magic? Tee hee!'
Blind 2 Rupees Blind a player, blurring their view for 8 seconds.
Burden 8 Rupees Transfer all your Magic Debuffs to another player.
Curse Of Relativity 6 Rupees Curse a player with the Curse Of Relativity. Each turn, the cursed player moves all other players and the finish line 1 space forward.
Curse Of Resurrection 7 Rupees Curse a player with the Curse Of Resurrection. Each turn, the cursed player automatically resurrects one random dead player. The curse wears off after 2 resurrections.
Curse Of Riches 9 Rupees Curse a player with the Curse Of Riches. Each turn, the cursed player loses 1 Rupee and all other players gain 1 Rupee.
Cursed Wounds 8 Rupees Curse a player with Cursed Wounds for 2 turns. If they move a total of 40 spaces before the curse ends, they die and lose 1 Speed.
Dark Sacrifice 2 Rupees Sacrifice yourself to give every enemy player a random minor Curse.
Death 19 Rupees Instantly kill a player.
Deny 11 Rupees Deny a player victory. For 2 turns, they cannot win the game in any way.
Detonation 20 Rupees Make all explosives in the game detonate, including those in player inventories.
Disarm 7 Rupees Disarm a player for 1 turn, making them unable to use items and skills.
Doom 14 Rupees Doom a player, causing that player to inevitably die after 25 turns. This death removes all death preventing effects from the affected player, bypasses Death Immunity and spawns an evil Doom Guard for the caster for a short duration.
Evil Barrier 6 Rupees Summon an evil barrier around a player, afflicting them with a non-functional Magic Curse, Magic Disease and Magic Poison.
Inverted Dice 12 Rupees Cast a magical debuff on a player, causing their next roll to move them backwards instead of forwards.
Laser 16 Rupees Fire a burning laser back or forward, destroying up to 2 random items per player hit. Range: 20 spaces.
Life Link 7 Rupees Magically link your life to that of another player. As soon as one of you dies, the other will die as well.
Liquidize 8 Rupees Turn up to 3 of a player's items into money. They receive 5-7 Rupees per liquidized item.
Living Bomb 5 Rupees Turn a player into a Living Bomb. When a living bomb dies, they explode and kill all players in a 12 space radius around them.
Mark For Death 6 Rupees Mark a player for death. All players get a skill to kill the target if they stand on the same space. All players lose this skill when someone uses it to kill the target.
Polymorph 14 Rupees Turn a living player into a random animal with 2 Karma.
Prime Evil 5 Rupees Cast a spell of mathematical evil, sending all players who currently stand on a prime number back a number of spaces equal to the number of that prime number in the list of all prime numbers, up to 25 spaces. For example, players on space 2 get sent back 1 space, whereas a player on space 29 (the 10th prime) gets sent back 10 spaces.
Shatter 6 Rupees Destroy two random Frozen items in target player's inventory.
Spellsteal 8 Rupees Steal one random Magic Buff from a player.
Weaponize 5 Rupees Give everyone a Gun and a Hand Grenade.
Light Wand
'Choose a single spell to charge your Light Wand with.'
Spell Price Description
Remove Curse 3 Rupees Remove a Curse from a player.
Revive 4 Rupees Revive a dead player.
Speed Boost 5 Rupees Give a player +4 Speed Boost for 2 turns.
'Or maybe you're looking for rare magic? Tee hee!'
Acceleration 4 Rupees Grant every player +1 Speed. This has a 50% chance to give you an extra +1 Speed.
Blessing Of Vengeance 10 Rupees Place a magical blessing upon a player that lasts 6 turns. When a player with this blessing gets killed by another player, they block the death and the murderer dies.
Blink 12 Rupees Teleport to a space within 15 spaces of you that has no other players on it.
Cards Of Fate 8 Rupees Grant a player Cards Of Fate. They will be able to choose from 7 random events in their next turn.
Defensive Barrier 6 Rupees Summon a defensive barrier around a player, blessing them with two non-functional Magic Buffs.
Divine Prayer 14 Rupees Instantly remove Skip-A-Turn, Incapacitation, Diseases, Poisons and Curses from all players and resurrect them.
Empowered Dice 8 Rupees Magically empower a player's dice to get a guaranteed Roll Streak on their next roll.
Energize 16 Rupees Reset all skill cooldowns for a player.
Focus 3 Rupees Remove Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitation from a player.
Guardian 15 Rupees Summon a magical Guardian for a player who will aid them 3 times in various ways.
Life Shield 18 Rupees Shield a player, protecting them from death for 3 turns. If a player with Life Shield dies, they block death and gain a refreshed Life Shield. (Has 3 Charges)
Life Ward 6 Rupees Conjure a magical ward on a target space. Each round, the ward resurrects all dead players within a 40 space radius around it. Ward radius is reduced by 5 each round, so it lasts 8 rounds.
Mass Energize 3 Rupees Cast a spell of pure energy! All players have their skill cooldowns reset.
Momentum 8 Rupees Bless a player with the magical Momentum effect. After 4, 8 and 12 turns this buff grants them a permanent +1 Speed. This buff wears off upon death.
Nature's Blessing 7 Rupees Grant every player 2 random Plant items. You receive one more.
On Love's Wings 2 Rupees Give another player +1 Speed and lose 1 Speed yourself.
Runes Of Guidance 5 Rupees Conjure 4 magic runes within 15 spaces of a target player. You then have 2 turns to activate these runes to send anyone who stands on top of a rune 12-19 spaces forward.
Save Point 14 Rupees Magically save a player's current space. For 6 turns, they cannot move behind their current space. This spell protects them from a maximum total movement of 50 spaces.
Scales Of Justice 15 Rupees Cast a spell of justice! The player who is leading moves 15 spaces back. The player who is at the back moves 15 spaces forward.
Soul Speed 6 Rupees Grant a player Soul Speed for 6 turns. Upon death, they gain +1 Speed permanently.
Spell Reflect 5 Rupees Grant a player Spell Reflect for 6 turns, which reflects the next Dark Spell targeted at this player back to its caster.
Spell Shield 6 Rupees Give a player a Spell Shield for 6 turns, which absorbs the first Dark Spell used against them, also granting them a random Magic Crystal.
Wealth 15 Rupees Cast a spell of wealth! All other players gain Rupees equal to 50% of your Rupees. (Max 100 Rupees) You gain double that amount.
Wormhole 12 Rupees Start summoning a wormhole. While channeling, you skip 3 turns. If the spell completes, you move forward 55 to 75 spaces. Channeling is interrupted by moving and death.
'Choose a spell to charge your Orb with.'
Spells Prices
Same spells available for both Wands Same spell prices as for the Wands
'Choose a single spell to charge your Staff with. Charging a Staff will cost you a lot of money, but you'll be able to cast that spell every 9 turns. An amazing investment!'
Spells Prices
Same spells available for both Wands Spell prices for the Wands multiplied by 3
Generic post-purchase quote
'There you go! I have charged your X with Y.
Use it for evil, little boy/girl!'
Insufficient funds quote
'Are you trying to trick me? You don't even have enough Rupees, you toad!

Get out of my shop, maggot! OUT!'

When uncharged or charged orb, staff and wands is removed from the game quote
'"Sorry, what did you want me to charge? I don't see anything?

That's enough. I've got spells to prepare."

Leaving quote
You say goodbye to Griselda and take your leave.

Before Salem's collar is removed: Her cat stares at you while you walk out of the shop. What's up with him?

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can only attempt to charge each item (out of Dark Wand, Light Wand, Orb, Staff, and The Elder Wand) once per visit; this cap is per item type rather than per item copy. (For example, if you have a regular Light Wand and a Duplicate Light Wand, after you choose a copy in the Shop, you cannot choose the other copy, even if you don't actually charge a Spell with the 1st copy.)
  • Each time you want to charge an item, you have to "use" it. This can't be done by a player who is Disarmed or Incapacitated, or Reincarnated without having Totem Of The Beast. Note that if you gain one of these statuses while already viewing spells for an item, you can still charge the item with one of the spells.
  • Not all spells are shown when charging an item.
  • When charging a Dark Wand or Light Wand, the 3 common spells for the respective Wand are always shown. In addition, 1 rare spell is shown without Expert Mode selected in Game Creation, and 2 are shown with Expert Mode.
  • When charging an Orb, Staff, or The Elder Wand, 1 common light spell and 1 common dark spell are always shown along with 2 rare light spells and 2 rare dark spells.
  • Spell prices for the Staff are 3x the spell prices for Wands or the Orb. This rule is carried over for Haggle Expert; it makes Staff spell prices drop by 3 Rupees. It is also carried over for Wild Mode: Silly Sales; the Wand/Orb price is affected by the Wild Mode before being multiplied by 3.
  • If you charge an already charged Orb with a spell, it turns into a Shimmering Orb with 3 charges. (Charging a Shimmering Orb here will refresh the amount of charges to 3 but will remove any current spell without replacing it.)
  • You can throw a Pocket Ball at a cat (if its collar hasn't been removed yet) after you've finished charging items.
  • Salem will not appear on future visits to The Magic Shop after his collar is removed.
  • Holy Water can be used after the Curse is blocked; the event simply ends without gaining the Collar.

Gallery[edit | edit source]