The Light Switches On...

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The Light Switches On... is a subevent that can be reached from entering The Dark Room inside The Brothel or by choosing to enter the room Upstairs in The Saloon in The Wild West.

Right before the event, the player is asked if they'd like to enter a room or not. If they choose yes, they'll enter the room and have sex; if the player has Night Vision Goggles's Passive activate, they can see who/what they would have sex with before choosing to enter or not.

  • If the player has Mojo or Love Magnet (and can have sex), they will always go to a "Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress!" event upon entering rather than an "Oh my god! That's sick!" event.
  • Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress! events can only involve a person of a gender(s) that the turn player finds sexually attractive.
  • If the player cannot have sex, all The Light Switches On... subevents are reduced to being purely flavor.
  • Outside of having sex, most of the outcomes upon entering this subevent are purely flavor, though a few of them can otherwise affect gameplay directly:
  • Caffeinated Courtney (Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress! type): You gain Coffee.
  • Frankenstein's Monster (Sick type): You can capture the monster with your Pocket Ball.
  • The World's Ugliest Dog (Sick type): You can capture the dog with your Pocket Ball.
  • Santa Claus (Christmas): You gain Time Travel Condom.
  • You lose Nice and regain Naughty if you successfully have sex in an "Oh my god! That's sick!" subevent. (This does not include Santa Claus.)
  • Santa's Sexy Helper (Male) and Santa's Sexy Helpers (Female) can only appear during Christmas. Santa can appear outside of Christmas but will not give an item outside of Christmas. Santa also only gives the Sick title outside of Christmas; during Christmas he gives the Santa-lover title.
  • BGO Moderators Bert and Vamic can appear in this event, as well as Caffeinated Courtney. However, according to BGO administrators, their images for this event may not be used externally to BGO; this means their images cannot be posted on this wiki.
  • BGO Moderator Hollister used to be able to appear in this event, though she was removed from it.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

The Light Switches On...
You groan with pleasure as you engage in some exciting, anonymous sex! Then the light switches on! It was...

If Santa Claus during Christmas:

The Light Switches On...
Santa Claus!
"Ho Ho Ho! It's Christmas! Here, take this Time Travel Condom!"

Oh, thank you Santa!

If Caffeinated Courtney:

The Light Switches On...
Caffeinated Courtney!
Mucho Macho!

She gives you a cup of Coffee too!


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress! (Males)[edit | edit source]

Warning: NSFW Images

Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress! (Females)[edit | edit source]

Warning: NSFW Images

Oh my god! That's sick![edit | edit source]

Oh my god! That's sick!/It's Christmas![edit | edit source]

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • When a player enters the "Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress!" event they will receive a 'Macho_'/'Seductress_' title.
  • When a player enters the "Oh my god! That's sick!" event they will receive the 'Sick_' title

Former Mucho Macho!/What A Seductress! (Females)[edit | edit source]

Warning: NSFW Images