The Lever (flavor text)

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Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon targeting another player in the Goblin Potion Master subevent:

It Is Love, Love, Love
Suddenly you start feeling the sensation of unstoppable love. You run towards PlayerName while PlayerName runs towards you. Soon, however, the potion's effect diminishes and you find yourself on space X together! Awkward situation, don't you think?

If you targeted a player that was behind your space:
That was a pretty stupid move by the way.

Upon targeting yourself in the Goblin Potion Master subevent with Jinxed Jewel Of Impotence:

No Masturbation
You drink the potion and suddenly feel the urge to touch yourself. However strong the urge, you are unable to do so and you leave the Potion Master in peace.


Upon reaching the Lucky Lever subevent:

Lucky Lever

Suddenly trap doors open underneath all players, causing them to fall down and skip a turn! Luckily your own trap door seems to be malfunctioning. When you step off it, the trap door slowly opens with a rusty, creaking sound. A red and white striped pole slides up from the hole. Wow, seems like this is your lucky day...

Upon reaching the Torch! subevent:

Behind the gate you find a Torch, attached to the wall.

You wiggle the Torch out of its holder and take it with you. Good stuff!

The Lever Event Skins Flavor Text[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Lever:

You discover a giant, ancient lever! Will you activate its mechanics and pull it?