The Haunted Mansion (flavor text)

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If you're looking for the main page for this event, see The Haunted Mansion.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon continuing after dying in the Graveyard:

A Ghostly Clue
You seem to have died at the Graveyard, but the powerful aura from the Haunted House has turned you into a ghost. You float a little, chase your ghostly tail, move through some solid objects and finally encounter another ghost. She speaks to you.

'Hey there, adventurer. I am Marigold, the Baron's maid. I know that you wonder about what happened to the Baron... the poor, gentle Baron. I died of Tuberculosis the winter before he was murdered. He paid for the best doctors in the land to try and save me, but I found my death at the age of 22. Please, help him. He was killed by the Butler! I beg of you... put his poor soul to rest...'

Marigold's eyes start to shine...


Upon clicking continue:

A Maiden's Love
You find yourself alive and well in the realm of the living. It seems like Marigold managed to revive you. Well, you like being alive more than being dead, so you're pretty pleased with this outcome. Time to move on!