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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see The Future (flavor text).

The Future can be reached with the Gallifreyan Time Travel Neutral Effect, from It's... Bigger On The Inside! after saying yes in The Doctor In The TARDIS, from strapping on The Time Machine, from Crackling Lightning after pulling The Lever, from the [A card picturing a futuristic city.] option in Cards Of Fate, from Happy Towel Day!, or from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, the player will continue and get a random subevent normally or continue and get a non-random subevent if a certain condition is met.

Random Subevents[edit | edit source]

Futuristic City[edit | edit source]

You can either choose [Visit a shop.] to go to the Future Shop or choose [Explore the future.] to go to a subevent on this page as if you were going to one directly from The Future (with Futuristic City removed from the possible subevents).

  • Futuristic City is by far the most common subevent for The Future.

42[edit | edit source]

You move forward 42 spaces.

Agent Smith[edit | edit source]

You meet Agent Smith. If you choose [Continue], you move 5-9(?) spaces back. If you use your "No." skill, you instead gain an extra 12 turns of the "No." skill.

Aliens![edit | edit source]

You gain the Skip-A-Turn status unless you have a stealable Cow. If you have a stealable Cow, you instead lose the Cow.

Bender[edit | edit source]

You can choose [Give him 3 Rupees] if you have enough Rupees to buy a random item from Bender and be knocked back 1 space, choose [Give him 3 Rupees] while having less than 3 Rupees to be knocked back 3 spaces, or choose [Decline] to be knocked back 2 spaces.

Items from the random pool include: Balaclava, Bow, Broken Glass, Bucket, Horn, Lasso, Parachute, Potion, Space Capacitator, Space Fluctuator, Time Travel Condom, War Helmet

Chewbacca[edit | edit source]

You meet Chewbacca. You can capture him with a Pocket Ball. (It is unclear what happens if this subevent would be reached while Chewbacca is already in a Filled Pocket Ball.)

Clamps[edit | edit source]

You simply die.

EMP Generator[edit | edit source]

You gain an EMP Generator.

From The Future
[edit | edit source]

You gain 4-9 Rupees.

Full Of Win[edit | edit source]

You gain a Teleporter and a Phaser.

Heart Of Gold[edit | edit source]

You gain an Improbability Device.

Morpheus[edit | edit source]

You can take the red pill to gain 12 turns of the "No." skill or take the blue pill to remove all removable Debuffs from yourself (excluding STDs if you have Sexual Immunity.) (Unremovable effects and passively granted Debuffs aren't removable. Also, the T-Rex Global Effect isn't removable despite technically being categorized as a Debuff.)

Needs More Cake![edit | edit source]

You gain a Strawberry Cake and a Phaser.

Picard Facepalm[edit | edit source]

You gain a Phaser.

Space Capacitator[edit | edit source]

You gain a Space Capacitator.

Space Fluctuator[edit | edit source]

You gain a Space Fluctuator.

Stormtroopers[edit | edit source]

Effectively nothing happens.

The Force[edit | edit source]

You gain the The Force skill. (If you already have the skill, its cooldown is reset if possible.)

Vogon Slapsticks[edit | edit source]

You gain the Skip-A-Turn status.

WTF Is This Shit?![edit | edit source]

You gain a Phaser.

Zoidberg[edit | edit source]

You get killed by Zoidberg. If you can somehow use your Pocket Ball, you can capture him with it. (It is unclear what happens if this subevent would be reached while Zoidberg is already in a Filled Pocket Ball.)

Non-Random Subevent[edit | edit source]

Aliens! (The Secret Cow Level)[edit | edit source]

This is regarded as one of the big secrets of BGO.

Condition: This will be the subevent if you are currently Reincarnated as a cow. (Can only occur due to the Polymorph spell currently)

All Poisons, all Curses, all Diseases, and the Reincarnated effect is removed from you. Also, you receive a Tractor Beam, an EMP Generator, and an Improbability Device.

Gallery[edit | edit source]