The Dragon Spirit Of Han

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The Dragon Spirit Of Han is an item. It is part of a group of items collectively referred to as Artifacts.

The Dragon Spirit Of Han
In-Game Description
Tooltip Call upon a protective blessing for a short duration.
  • Spell Shield for 3 turns
  • Douse your Fire
  • Thaw all Frozen items
  • Skip-A-Turn & Incapacitation Immunity for 1 turn
  • Faerie Frost
  • Cure a Disease
Flavor Text Their dislike of the warring Chinese tribes caused the dragons to take a stance. They would empower one tribe, one family in such a way, that it would lead an empire. This dragon spirit watched over the Han family for more than 400 years. Some believe that he was part of the soul of every single emperor of his time...
Object, Unremovable, Soulbound, Fireproof, Frostproof
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 2

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose one option:
  • [Spell Shield]: Gain 3 turns of Spell Shield.
  • [Douse Fire]: You lose the Fire Debuff.
  • [Thaw items]: All of your Frozen items thaw out and stop being Frozen.
  • [Skip-A-Turn & Incapacitation Immunity]: Gain 1 turn of the Han's Resilience Buff.

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Han's Resilience Tooltip
You temporarily have Skip-A-Turn & Incapacitation Immunity.

Duration: X turn(s)

Category: Buff, Magic

How To Obtain[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

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