The Cloning Facility

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The Cloning Facility can only occur randomly as the first Resurrection Phase event after becoming Dead. (It also cannot occur for a player who has less than 3 turns left to revive with the death turn counter at the time immediately before a Resurrection Phase event is selected.)

In the event, you are offered a deal: You can pay 25 Rupees to gain a random Race and instantly revive.

If you reject the deal or if you accept the deal but have insufficient Rupees, the death turn counter still ticks down by 1 turn due to this event.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

The Cloning Facility

"Greetings! Your corpse has been approved for our Quick Clone™ process! For a measly 25 Rupees we can clone you a new mature body that'll be ready for use by the end of the day!"

DISCLAIMER: To speed up the cloning process, we will add some foreign DNA to your chromosomal sequences. This will result in differences in your expressed phenotype. By ordering the Quick Clone™ treatment, you agree to all possible side effects.


You will revive automatically in 2 turns.

Quick Clone™
"Excellent! We will initiate the process at once!"

Two hours later...

A tank opens and a thick liquid gloops down the drains. You wipe the slime from your eyes and blink. You're... alive!

"Welcome back! To speed up the process, we inserted some high quality RandomRace DNA. I'm sure you'll come to love your new racial features!" / "Welcome back! To speed up the process, we didn't even need to insert any extra DNA. As it turns out, your DNA is a very efficient mix already!"


No Monies
"Unfortunately you appear to have insufficient funds to pay for our Quick Clone™ process! Please come back soon!"


No Thanks
You're pretty happy with the DNA of your rotting corpse, thank you very much!