The Addicted Bear!

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The Addicted Bear! can be reached by an attack you ordered in The Bear! or this same event being carried out in Addicted Bear (with a 2-5 turn delayed queue after the attack). It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, you can give the Bear one line of Cocaine or attempt to [Run for your life!].

  • If you give it a line of Cocaine, you then select another player, queuing the Addicted Bear event (with a 1-4 turn delayed queue) for them.
  • If you try to run, you move 20-30 spaces back, then you die upon continuing. Also, the Bear walks off in a random direction and The Bear! is queued with a ? turn delayed queue for a random player in that direction if there is at least one player in that direction.
  • The Bear Behavior Buff does not affect this event.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

The Addicted Bear!

The addicted bear came back to you! He wants more cocaine... What do you do?

[Run for your life!]


Upon running:

No Cocaine
You didn't give the bear cocaine...

You run for your life, but the bear catches up to you...


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