The Abandoned Mine

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The Abandoned Mine is an event that can be reached from the Travel event, the [A card picturing nothing but darkness.] option in Cards Of Fate, or from Crossroads. It can also simply be a random event.

In the event, you can choose [Yes] to enter Inside The Cave, choose [No] to make nothing happen in the event, or choose [Visit the Archaeology Dig]/click the Dig Site sign to go to the Archaeology Dig.

  • This is a special location for the Bug Net. Items which can be caught include: Fireflies.
  • If The Abandoned Mine would be encountered while having the PETA Protesters Debuff, you may instead reach the Leave These Bats Alone! event, in which your only option will be to leave the event; nothing else occurs.

Inside The Cave[edit | edit source]

Main article: Inside The Cave

If you did choose to enter, some kind of vision in the dark is needed to see what's inside. 3 or 4 events will appear (or 5 with the Spelunking feat.) In cases in which you have no vision, the options will not be shown and there will be a chance of death or Incapacitation. A Torch with 1-2 charges is sometimes found when Entering The Cave.

Archaeology Dig[edit | edit source]

Main article: Archaeology Dig

Outside the Cave, there is an Archaeology Dig. After choosing to pay 2 Rupees to the archaeologist, you will enter the Dig and will face up to 4 levels involving 13 potential challenges. Failure will result in Incapacitation or death, but finishing the 4th level will give you a legendary Artifact.

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