The ACME Shop

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The ACME Shop is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Shops Neutral Effect from the Wildcard: Shops item's [The ACME Shop] option, the Trade Routes event, the Travel event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The ACME Shop] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Fork In The Road event, the Khufu's Journey event, the Seal Of Disapprovalâ„¢ event, the [A card picturing a warehouse full of explosives.] option in Cards Of Fate, or from Crossroads. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

The ACME Shop

You stand in front of a big warehouse. A neon sign reads ACME Co.

A smaller sign reads:
'Do not use ACME Co. products unless you are a certified cartoon character. Improper usage might result in user being flattened, crushed, bashed, crunched, or thrown off a cliff.'

Enter the store?

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

The ACME Shop
A small, dark-haired woman comes up to greet you:

'Oh boy! A customer! Swell! Ohhh, do you want to see what we've got in store for you? Boop-boop-de-doop!'

Item Price Description upon purchase
ACME Piano 4 Rupees 'Oh my! Don't you just adore playing the piano? Good for launching as well!'
ACME Pogo-Stick 8 Rupees 'Spiffy! Use our pretty Pogo Stick to jump ahead of those other slowpokes!'
ACME Rocket 10 Rupees 'Oh boy! I just loooove our ACME rockets. Wanna see some fireworks, stranger?'
Hand Grenade 10 Rupees 'Wow! These grenades can be quite dangerous, but I'm sure you'll have a blast!'
ACME Magnet 11 Rupees 'Ooo! Our biggest, strongest magnet. For when you're just dying to get everyone's magnetic objects!'
Hypno Glasses 20 Rupees 'Ain't that something! People will be so much nicer to you when you wear these!'
ACME TNT 35 Rupees 'Holy smack! Is that a stick of dynamite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?'
Anvil 2 Rupees 'Ooo, Monday's Special! I've been told this is a fine tool for a smith, but what does a girl like me know?'
Extendo Fist 8 Rupees 'Ooo, Tuesday's Special! I'm sure you'll have fun with this one! Knock 'em dead, tiger!'
Explosive Cigar 7 Rupees 'Ooo, Wednesday's Special! It's just a harmless practical joke! Your friends will have a blast!'
Hand Buzzer 6 Rupees 'Thursday's Special! Shocks and sizzles make my knees go shakey!'
Sneezing Powder 3 Rupees 'Ooo, Friday's Special! Better not open that up in here! These darn allergies of mine!'
Squirting Flower 6 Rupees 'Ooo, Saturday's Special! If you wear this, you'll be classy as well as a firefighter! How sexy!'
Fake Fake Turd 10 Rupees 'Ooo, Sunday's Special! Fake Turds aren't as popular as they used to be, but this new batch is bound to be a success!'
Portable Hole 8 Rupees 'Super neat! I received a rare supply of these. Perfect if you're ever in a pickle!'
Toilet Paper 2 Rupees 'Everyone's gotta poop, sweetie! Poop-poop-boop-boop-de-doop!'
Generic post-purchase quote
'Can I help you with anything else?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Tee-hee! Seems like you don't have enough clams for our de-luxe merchandise! Maybe try again later?'
Death quote
You seem to have died somehow, so the small woman drags your body out of the shop.
Leaving quote
'Y'all come back now, y'hear! Boop-boop-de-doop!'

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Portable Hole is not guaranteed to be in the shop; it appears rarely.
  • The following items are only sold at this shop on the named day of the week:
  • Monday: Anvil
  • Tuesday: Extendo Fist
  • Wednesday: Explosive Cigar
  • Thursday: Hand Buzzer
  • Friday: Sneezing Powder
  • Saturday: Squirting Flower
  • Sunday: Fake Fake Turd

The ACME Shop Flavor Texts[edit | edit source]

The ACME Shop (flavor text)

Gallery[edit | edit source]