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Tesseract is an item.

In-Game Description
Tooltip If some lives are left: Dice rolls no longer move you and are stored in the Tesseract instead. The stored rolls can be used to move. Max 6 rolls stored.

Alternatively, convert your rolls into Pulses to charge the Tesseract, gaining 1 Pulse per space. Spend 7 Pulses to give yourself Cards Of Fate. This cost becomes the next prime number after each use. (11, 13, etc.)

Be careful! If you roll when the Tesseract is full, your roll will neither move you nor be stored.

If no lives are left: The Tesseract's lives have run out. It no longer absorbs dice rolls.

You can awaken the man inside the Tesseract to move X spaces forward, also resetting all your Skill cooldowns!

Flavor Text This item was designed by Doil, one of our most generous supporters!
Uses Variable (Move/Gain Pulse/Gain Cards Of Fate), 1 (Awaken)

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • If some Lives are left: Choose one option.
  • Choose to move forwards or backwards by an amount of spaces equal to a specific result stored in this item due to its Passive Effect; the chosen result is removed from this item.
  • Choose to convert a specific stored result into the same amount of Pulses, storing them in this item; the chosen result is removed from this item.
  • Consume a specific amount of stored Pulses to gain the Cards Of Fate Buff; the specific amount of Pulses required for this use starts at 7, with each consecutive use requiring an amount of Pulses equal to the next prime number in ascending order. (e.g. 1st use = 7, 2nd use = 11, 3rd use = 13...)
  • If no Lives are left: [Awaken the man inside!]: Move forward by the total amount of spaces stored in the Tesseract (due to the Passive Effect) plus the amount of stored Pulses (in one action), also reset all your skill cooldowns. (This removes the Tesseract from the game.)

Passive Effect[edit | edit source]

  • This item has 100 Lives when it is created. It can have a minimum of 0 Lives.
  • If some Lives are left when you would move due to a dice roll in the Roll Phase: You don't move due to the dice roll (including from Speed.) Instead, when you roll, you store the spaces that you would have moved (including from Speed) inside this item for its Standard Use, then this item loses an amount of Lives equal to the amount of spaces successfully stored. A max of 6 results can be stored in this item.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • If you roll while you have 6 results stored already, an old result is not overwritten, and the new result is not stored. Also, no Lives are lost.
  • If you cannot move due to a movement prohibitor, a dice roll will still be stored as if the movement prohibitor did not exist.
  • If you roll while you have Defective Dice, or if you have more negative Speed than the dice roll result, nothing will be stored in this item as it cannot store a result of 0.
  • If you have Speedless Roll or negative Speed with Unyielding, Speed won't be considered for the result stored in this item (excluding if Wild Mode: Racing In Reverse is active). The dice roll result itself will still be considered.
  • If you have Inverted Dice and move backwards, the stored value for the Standard Use still appears positive.
  • Shift and Inverted Dice can still activate/wear off with Tesseract active.
  • Tesseract won't store dice rolls if Wild Mode: Massacre Arena is active since Dice Jump takes priority (even if Dice Jump is filled with 5 results already.)
  • If this item has some Lives but less Lives than what the movement result would be, the Tesseract still stores your entire roll.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

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