Tesla Spark's Electronics Outlet

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Tesla Spark's Electronics Outlet is an event that can be reached with the Traveling Salesman Neutral Effect, the Eye Of The Graeae event, or the Khufu's Journey event. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Tesla Spark's Electronics Outlet

In the distance you see a traveling salesman! You walk up to some kind of mobile electronics laboratory when you suddenly notice that this salesman is a girl!

'Hey mate! Welcome to Tesla Spark's Electronics Outlet! The name's Tesla, but I think you already got that from the context, haha! Take a look around and let me know if there's anything that interests you!'

'Oh, hey there! I'm not getting up if you don't mind. Don't mean to be rude, but I'm right in the middle of realigning some cables here. Better not screw this up, unless you want me to get us fried!'

[Show me your wares!][Goodbye!]

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Tesla Spark's Electronics Outlet
'So here's the deal: I invent and tinker all day long. Love it! It's kinda expensive, though, so I've got this shop set up to keep me alive. Take your pick from my inventory!'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Space Fluctuator 3 Rupees 'The wiring in these is incredibly complex. I won't lie to you... I don't understand all of it. My advice is to use this carefully. Don't overcharge it!'
Signal Jammer 5 Rupees 'I love making these, but they're so annoying to test. Can't test 'em too close, or they'll mess up my shop!'
Space Capacitator 6 Rupees 'This one's very similar to the fluctuator, but with reversed force field alignments. Can't say I completely understand how it works, so I'd advise you not to overcharge it!'
EMP Generator 7 Rupees 'These are a blast to make! Literally. Gotta be careful with these, though! They can really mess up your own items if you're not careful!'
Teleporter 8 Rupees 'Pretty sweet design, right? Just put the pad down where you want to return and use the activator later to teleport to the pad! Make sure to use it before it runs out of power though!'
Tractor Beam 9 Rupees 'This is a piece of alien tech. Turned out to be pretty straightforward. Be careful around cows though, as the beam somehow has an increased effect on them!'
Defibrillator 9 Rupees 'It's no secret that I love electricity, so this one shouldn't be a surprise. Be careful though! You could set someone on fire with it!'
Radio 14 Rupees 'Pretty darn simple design, but powerful enough to call for air support over great distances! Heck, there's always someone who will listen when you use this baby!'
Phaser 20 Rupees 'Oh, make sure to keep this one set to Stun, unless you want to kill someone. I wonder why I even added that setting in the first place... So dangerous!'
Generic post-purchase quote
Tesla hands you a X...'All quality wares, I assure you! Anything else you'd like?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Sorry, mate! I really can't give these away for free!'
Leaving quote
Before entrance: 'Aw, alright! Stay safe out there!'
After entrance: 'Thanks for the visit! Feel free to visit again whenever you like!'