Spells are divided into Dark and Light spells. Dark spells tend to be harmful and can be cast with a Dark Wand. Light spells tend to be beneficial and can be cast with a Light Wand. You can charge your Dark Wand, Light Wand, Orb, Staff, or The Elder Wand at The Magic Shop. You can also use Magic Crystals to charge them. Magic Scrolls also contain spells.

Dark Spells Edit

Common Edit

Arcane Explosion Edit


Tooltip Effect
Cause a magical explosion, knocking all players in a 12 space radius around you 10 spaces away from you. All other players within 12 spaces of you move 10 spaces in the direction away from you. (If on the same space as you, they move backwards.)

Slow Edit


Tooltip Effect
Reduce a player's Speed by 4 for 2 turns. Target any player; give them 2 turns of Slow.

Steal Item Edit


Tooltip Effect
Steal one random item from another player. Target another player; steal a random item from them.

Rare Edit

Blind Edit


Tooltip Effect
Blind a player, blurring their view for 8 seconds. Target any player; Blind them.

Burden Edit


Tooltip Effect
Transfer all your Magic Debuffs to another player. Target another player; give them all of your removable Magic Debuffs.

Curse Of Relativity Edit


Tooltip Effect
Curse a player with the Curse Of Relativity. Each turn, the cursed player moves all other players and the finish line 1 space forward. Target any player; give them Curse Of Relativity.

Curse Of Resurrection Edit


Tooltip Effect
Curse a player with the Curse Of Resurrection. Each turn, they resurrect one random dead player. The curse wears off after 2 resurrections. Target any player; give them Curse Of Resurrection.

Curse Of Riches Edit


Tooltip Effect
Curse a player with the Curse Of Riches. Each turn, the cursed player loses 1 Rupee and all other players gain 1 Rupee. Target any player; give them Curse Of Riches.

Cursed Wounds Edit


Tooltip Effect
Curse a player with Cursed Wounds for 2 turns. If they move a total of 40 spaces before the curse ends, they die and lose 1 Speed. Target any player; give them Cursed Wounds for 2 turns.

Dark Sacrifice Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Sacrifice yourself to give every enemy player a random minor Curse. You die if you are alive, then if you tried to die, you give each other player a random Curse from the generic Lesser Curse-givers pool. (A random Curse is decided independently for each player.) You don't "try to die" if you have (Dark) Spell Immunity, though you do if you have any death blocker activate to prevent your death.

Death Edit


Tooltip Effect
Instantly kill a player. Target any player; kill them.

Deny Edit


Tooltip Effect
Deny a player victory. For 2 turns, they cannot win the game in any way. Target any player; give them 2 turns of Denied By Darkness.

Detonation Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Make all explosives in the game detonate, including those in player inventories. Cause all explosive effects, the Time Bomb, all non-Frozen Explosive items in player inventories (excluding Deadly Items), and Easter Bombs to explode.
  • The detonations occur in the following order from top to bottom:
  • Effects are detonated with the following preset order as the primary order decider, and secondarily by join order: Smoking A Harmless Cigar, Living Bomb, Volatile Zombie, Defective Turret, BOOM-erang.
  • Detonated effects all end. Detonated items are all removed from the game.
  • A player with Living Bomb or Volatile Zombie is killed when their effect is detonated.
  • The space you are on immediately before an explosive explodes will be used to determine the space your explosives explode on rather than the space you are on at the moment Detonation is used.
  • Hand Grenade, Holy Hand Grenade, and ACME Rocket don't deviate before detonating.
  • Spider Mine doesn't scuttle towards the nearest player before detonating.
  • You (and only you) are treated as killing players who die directly due to an explosion caused by Detonation.
  • If you detonate your own effect and kill a player, you won't be treated as killing them twice.
  • Items in non-player inventories cannot be directly affected by Detonation. (However, a BOOM-erang item inside a BOOM-erang Debuff can indirectly be affected.)
  • An Explosive Sheep inside a Filled Pocket Ball is not affected by Detonation.
  • Set/released explosives are essentially stored in their connected remotes, so they only detonate during the detonation of their remotes. (Note that they do explode on the space stored in the remote rather than on the space of the player with the remote.) Also, remotes are "detonated" even if a connected explosive does not exist; the remotes are simply removed from the game in this case. This applies to ACME TNT Detonator, Frost Mine Activator, Glue Mine Activator, and Sheep Activator.

Disarm Edit


Tooltip Effect
Disarm a player for 1 turn, making them unable to use items and skills. Target any player; give them 1 turn of Disarmed By Darkness.

Doom Edit


Tooltip Effect
Doom a player, causing that player to inevitably die after 25 turns. This death removes all death preventing effects from the affected player, bypasses Death Immunity and spawns an evil Doom Guard for the caster for a short duration. Target any player; give them Doom.

Evil Barrier Edit


Tooltip Effect
Summon an evil barrier around a player, afflicting them with a non-functional Magic Curse, Magic Disease and Magic Poison. Target any player; give them Evil Barrier: Magic Curse, Evil Barrier: Magic Disease, and Evil Barrier: Magic Poison.

Inverted Dice Edit


Tooltip Effect
Give a player Inverted Dice, causing their next Roll Phase to move them back instead of forward. Target any player; give them Inverted Dice.

Laser Edit


Tooltip Effect Related
Fire a burning laser back or forward, destroying up to 2 random items per player hit. Range: 20 spaces. Choose to "shoot a laser" 20 spaces forwards or backwards; all other players on your space and within 20 spaces of you in the chosen direction each have 2 random items burned.

Life Link Edit


Tooltip Effect
Magically link your life to that of another player. As soon as one of you dies, the other will die as well. Target another player; you and the target both gain Life Link Debuffs connected to each other.

Liquidize Edit


Tooltip Effect
Turn up to 3 of a player's items into money. They receive 5-7 Rupees per liquidized item. Target any player; destroy 3 of their items, then they gain 5-7 Rupees for each destroyed item.

Living Bomb Edit


Tooltip Effect
Turn a player into a Living Bomb. When a living bomb dies, they explode and kill all players in a 12 space radius around them. Target any player; give them Living Bomb.

Mark For Death Edit


Tooltip Effect
Mark a player for death. All players get a skill to kill the target if they stand on the same space. All players lose this skill when someone uses it to kill the target. Target any player; give them a Mark Of Death Debuff.

Polymorph Edit


Tooltip Effect
Turn a living player into a random animal with 2 Karma. Target any player; if they are alive, give them the Reincarnated effect with a random animal, and set their Karma at 2.

Prime Evil Edit


Tooltip Effect
Cast a spell of mathematical evil, sending all players who currently stand on a prime number back a number of spaces equal to the number of that prime number in the list of all prime numbers, up to 25 spaces. For example, players on space 2 get sent back 1 space, whereas a player on space 29 (the 10th prime) gets sent back 10 spaces. All players on the first 25 prime numbered spaces move back an amount of spaces equal to their space number's placement in the list of prime numbers, with 2 having the 1st placement and 97 having the 25th placement; players on prime numbered spaces over 97 move back 25 spaces.

Shatter Edit


Tooltip Effect
Destroy two random Frozen items in target player's inventory. Target any player; destroy 2 random Frozen items they have.

Spellsteal Edit


Tooltip Effect
Steal one random Magic Buff from a player. Target another player; steal a random removable Magic Buff from them.

Weaponize Edit


Tooltip Effect
Give everyone a Gun and a Hand Grenade. Every player gains a Hand Grenade and a Gun.

Other Edit

Curse Of Cold Edit


Tooltip Effect
Curse a player with Curse Of Cold. This Curse Freezes one of their items for 3 turns each turn. Target any player; give them Curse Of Cold.

Scare Edit


Tooltip Effect
Scare someone! Target any player; they become Scared.

Light Spells Edit

Common Edit

Remove Curse Edit


Tooltip Effect
Remove a Curse from a player. Target any player; remove a random Curse from them.

Revive Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Revive a dead player. Target any player; revive them. Revive a Fossil.

Speed Boost Edit


Tooltip Effect
Give a player +4 Speed Boost for 2 turns. Target any player; give them 2 turns of Speed Boost.

Rare Edit

Acceleration Edit


Tooltip Effect
Grant every player +1 Speed. This has a 50% chance to give you an extra +1 Speed. Every player gains 1 permanent Speed, then you have a 50% chance to gain 1 more permanent Speed.

Blessing Of Vengeance Edit


Tooltip Effect
Place a magical blessing upon a player that lasts 6 turns. When a player with this blessing gets killed by another player, they block the death and the murderer dies. Target any player; give them Blessing Of Vengeance for 6 turns.

Blink Edit


Tooltip Effect
Teleport to a space within 15 spaces of you that has no other players on it. Choose an amount of spaces from -15 to 15; move forward the same amount of spaces (unless this would directly cause you to move onto the space of another player, in which case you don't move.)

Cards Of Fate Edit


Tooltip Effect
Grant a player Cards Of Fate. They will be able to choose from 7 random events in their next turn. Target any player; give them the Cards Of Fate Buff connected to a queue for the Cards Of Fate event.

Defensive Barrier Edit


Tooltip Effect
Summon a defensive barrier around a player, blessing them with two non-functional Magic Buffs. Target any player; give them 2 Magic Barrier Buffs.

Divine Prayer Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Instantly remove Skip-A-Turn, Incapacitation, Diseases, Poisons and Curses from all players and resurrect them. Remove Skip-A-Turn, Incapacitated, every Disease, every Poison, and every Curse from every player, and revive every player. Revives every fossil in all players' inventory.

Empowered Dice Edit


Tooltip Effect
Magically empower a player's dice to get a guaranteed Roll Streak on their next roll. Target any player; give them 1 stack of Empowered Dice.

Energize Edit


Tooltip Effect
Reset all skill cooldowns for a player. Target any player; reset all of their skill cooldowns (excluding for the Energize skill.)

Focus Edit


Tooltip Effect
Remove Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitation from a player. Target any player; remove the Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitated statuses from them.

Guardian Edit


Tooltip Effect
Summon a magical Guardian for a player who will aid them 3 times in various ways. Target any player; give them 3 stacks of Guardian.

Life Shield Edit


Tooltip Effect
Shield a player, protecting them from death for 3 turns. If a player with Life Shield dies, they block death and gain a refreshed Life Shield. (Has 3 Charges) Target any player; give them Life Shield for 3 turns.

Life Ward Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Conjure a magical ward on a target space. Each round, the ward resurrects all dead players within a 40 space radius around it. Ward radius is reduced by 5 each round, so it lasts 8 rounds. Choose a space; start a Life Ward Global Effect locked onto the chosen space. Life Ward Spell can be used to revive a chosen fossil in player inventory and Life Ward (effect) will revive all fossils from players within range.

Mass Energize Edit


Tooltip Effect
Cast a spell of pure energy! All players have their skill cooldowns reset. Reset all skill cooldowns of all players (excluding for the Energize skill.)

Momentum Edit


Tooltip Effect
Bless a player with the magical Momentum effect. After 4, 8 and 12 turns this buff grants them a permanent +1 Speed. This buff wears off upon death. Target any player; give them Momentum.

Nature's Blessing Edit


Tooltip Effect
Grant every player 2 random Plant items. You receive one more. All other players gain 2 random items from the generic plant-based item-givers pool, while you gain 3 items from the pool.

On Love's Wings Edit


Tooltip Effect
Give another player +1 Speed and lose 1 Speed yourself. Target another player; they gain 1 permanent Speed, and you lose 1 permanent Speed.

Runes Of Guidance Edit


Tooltip Effect Related
Conjure 4 magic runes within 15 spaces of a target player. You then have 2 turns to activate these runes to send anyone who stands on top of a rune 12-19 spaces forward. Target any player: You gain an Activate Runes Of Guidance skill for 2 turns that is connected to runes that are created on 4 random spaces within a 15-space radius of the target.

Save Point Edit


Tooltip Effect
Magically save a player's current space. For 6 turns, they cannot move behind their current space. This spell protects them from a maximum total movement of 50 spaces. Target another player; give them a Save Point Buff for 6 turns that is locked onto their current space.

Scales Of Justice Edit


Tooltip Effect Notes
Cast a spell of justice! The player who is leading moves 15 spaces back. The player who is at the back moves 15 spaces forward. The player on the highest space moves 15 spaces back, while the player on the lowest space moves 15 spaces back.
  • If every player in the game is on the same space, this spell does nothing.
  • If 2 or more players are tied for first, only 1 player randomly selected from them will move 15 spaces back. If 2 or more players are tied for last, only 1 player randomly selected from them will move 15 spaces forward.

Soul Speed Edit


Tooltip Effect
Grant a player Soul Speed for 6 turns. Upon death, they gain +1 Speed permanently. Target any player; give them Soul Speed for 6 turns.

Spell Reflect Edit


Tooltip Effect
Grant a player Spell Reflect for 6 turns, which reflects the next Dark Spell targeted at this player back to its caster. Target any player; give them 6 turns of Temporary Spell Reflection.

Spell Shield Edit


Tooltip Effect
Give a player a Spell Shield for 6 turns, which absorbs the first Dark Spell used against them, also granting them a random Magic Crystal. Target any player; give them 6 turns of Spell Shield.

Wealth Edit


Tooltip Effect
Cast a spell of wealth! All other players gain Rupees equal to 50% of your Rupees. (Max 100 Rupees) You gain double that amount. All other players gain an amount of Rupees equal to 50% of your current Rupees (max. 100), while you gain an amount of Rupees equal to 100% of your current Rupees (max. 200).

Wormhole Edit


Tooltip Effect
Start summoning a wormhole. While channeling, you skip 3 turns. If the spell completes, you move forward 55 to 75 spaces. Channeling is interrupted by moving and death. If you are alive, gain Skip-A-Turn and gain Channeling Wormhole for 3 turns.

Targeting Spells Edit

Dark Spells Edit

Blind, Burden, Curse Of Cold, Curse Of Relativity, Curse Of Resurrection, Curse Of Riches, Cursed Wounds, Death, Deny, Disarm, Doom, Evil Barrier, Inverted Dice, Life Link, Liquidize, Living Bomb, Mark For Death, Polymorph, Scare, Shatter, Slow, Spellsteal, Steal Item

Light Spells Edit

Blessing Of Vengeance, Cards Of Fate, Defensive Barrier, Empowered Dice, Energize, Focus, Guardian, Life Shield, Momentum, On Love's Wings, Remove Curse, Revive, Runes Of Guidance, Save Point, Soul Speed, Speed Boost, Spell Reflect, Spell Shield

Magical Items/Skills Edit

The below items/skills can be charged with Spells. When an uncharged item/skill is charged, it gains the Spell category.

Spell Reflectors And Redirectors Edit

Reflectors Edit

Redirectors Edit

Notes Edit

  • Spell reflectors and redirectors work vs. a player-cast spell by completely blocking a cast spell's effect and then making the player with the reflector/redirector cast a new spell (or up to 2 new spells for Ley Prism) with the same name (and effect) as the blocked spell.
  • Spells cast with reflectors and redirectors bypass Silenced.
  • Reflecting or redirecting Life Link can still end up with both you and the original caster linked under the Debuff.
  • If activating vs. a player-cast Spell, a Spell cast with reflectors and redirectors can trigger any relevant spell-triggered effects and can apply piercing effects.
  • If activating vs. a non-player-cast Spell, see below under In-Event Non-Player Spellcasting.

Other Player-Cast Spell Sources Edit

The below items/effects aren't "charged" with Spells, though a player can cast Spells with them.

In-Event Player Spellcasting Edit

In the following events, players can "cast" specific spells. (Doing this will not trigger any spell-triggered effects, though it should be noted that Silenced blocks "casting" an in-event Spell. Magical Mind can bypass Silenced in such a case, though it won't bypass being Incapacitated/Disarmed.) Most (but not all) of these events allow doing this with any Spell item/skill charged with an applicable spell.

Any Spell Items/Skills Edit

Magic Scroll Only Edit

In-Event Non-Player Spellcasting Edit

The below events involve Spells being cast by non-players; these can trigger all forms of spell immunity and spell protection and effects like Magic Affinity and Amethyst Necklace.

Notes Edit

  • While Spells cast in the listed events are quite similar to Spells cast by players, they are distinct from them; when they are reflected or redirected, the newly "cast" Spell can trigger spell immunity or spell protection but will not activate any other spell-triggered effects. However, if such a Spell is redirected to another player who then reflects or redirects it, the newly cast Spell can trigger ANY relevant spell-triggered effects.
  • The Cursed Gate in the Archaeology Dig is somewhat like the events listed above; it can trigger spell immunity and some (but not all) forms of spell protection, and it won't activate any spell-triggered effects when reflected. However, it cannot trigger other spell-triggered effects like Magic Affinity and Amethyst Necklace.

Piercing Effects Edit

Spell-Triggered Effects Edit

The below effects activate when a Spell would be cast. They are listed in the order they trigger in, from top to bottom.

Cast-Triggered Edit

Spell Immunity Edit

Spell Protection Edit

Spell Effect Edit

  • The spell effect itself activates here.

Target-Triggered OR Affected-Triggered Edit

Notes Edit

  • If Silenced blocks a Spell, no spell-triggered effects activate.
  • If a piercing effect accompanies your Spell, no form of spell protection triggers, though other spell-triggered effects may still trigger (including a form of spell immunity.)
  • If any form of spell immunity or spell protection triggers for a targeting spell, no effects later in the order trigger, though any effects before it in the order may still trigger. If any form of spell immunity triggers for a non-targeting spell, the player it triggered for is not considered to be "affected" for an effect like Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
  • If you would target yourself with a Spell which you normally cannot target yourself with (e.g. On Love's Wings with V-Card), Cast-Triggered and Target-Triggered effects do not activate.
  • For interactions with spells in events, see above under In-Event Player Spellcasting and In-Event Non-Player Spellcasting.

Other Spell-Related Effects Edit

Secret Interaction Edit

This is regarded as one of the secrets of BGO.

The Detonation Spell can be used at the Brownies & Bombs shop in Yello World to blow up the entire shop and end the current player's turn.