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Spells are divided into Dark and Light spells. Dark spells tend to be harmful and can be cast with a Dark Wand. Light spells tend to be beneficial and can be cast with a Light Wand. You can charge your Dark Wand, Light Wand, Orb, Staff, or The Elder Wand at The Magic Shop. You can also use Magic Crystals to charge them. Magic Scrolls also contain spells.

Dark Spells[edit | edit source]

Arcane Explosion[edit | edit source]

ArcaneExplosionSpell.png Cause a magical explosion, knocking all players in a 12 space radius around you 10 spaces away from you.

Blind[edit | edit source]

BlindSpell.png Blind a player, blurring their view for 8 seconds.

Burden[edit | edit source]

BurdenSpell.png Transfer all your harmful magic effects to another player.

Curse Of Resurrection[edit | edit source]

CurseOfResurrectionSpell.png Curse a player with the Curse Of Resurrection. Each turn, the cursed player automatically resurrects one random dead player. The curse wears off after 2 resurrections.

Curse Of Relativity[edit | edit source]

CurseOfRelativitySpell.png Curse a player with the Curse Of Relativity. Each turn, the cursed player moves all other players and the finish line 1 space forward.

Curse Of Riches[edit | edit source]

CurseOfRichesSpell.png Curse a player with the Curse Of Riches. Each turn, the cursed player loses 1 Rupee and all other players gain 1 Rupee.

Cursed Wounds[edit | edit source]

CursedWoundsSpell.png Curse a player with Cursed Wound. This curse lasts 2 turns. If they move a total of 40 spaces before the curse ends, they die and lose 1 Speed.

Dark Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

DarkSacrificeSpell.png Sacrifice yourself to give every enemy player a random curse.

Death[edit | edit source]

DeathSpell.png Instantly kill a player.

Deny[edit | edit source]

DenySpell.png Deny a player victory. For 2 turns, they cannot win the game in any way.

Detonation[edit | edit source]

DetonationSpell.png Make all explosives in the game detonate, including those in player inventories.

Disarm[edit | edit source]

DisarmSpell.png Disarm a player, rendering him/her unable to use items and skills for 2 turns.

Doom[edit | edit source]

DoomSpell.png Doom a player, causing that player to inevitably die after 25 turns. This death removes all death preventing effects from the affected player, bypasses Death Immunity and spawns an evil Doom Guard for the caster for a short duration.

Evil Barrier[edit | edit source]

EvilBarrierSpell.png Summon an evil barrier around a player, afflicting them with a non-functional Magic Curse, Magic Disease and Magic Poison.

Inverted Dice[edit | edit source]

InvertedDiceSpell.png Cast a magical debuff on a player, causing their next roll to move them backwards instead of forwards.

Laser[edit | edit source]

LaserSpell.png Fire a burning laser back or forward, destroying up to 2 random items per player hit. Range: 25 spaces.

Life Link[edit | edit source]

LifeLinkSpell.png Magically link your life to that of another player. As soon as one of you dies, the other will die as well.

Liquidize[edit | edit source]

LiquidizeSpell.png Turn up to 3 of a player's items into gold. They receive 4-6 rupees per liquidized item.

Living Bomb[edit | edit source]

LivingBombSpell.png Turn a player into a Living Bomb. When a living bomb dies, they explode and kill all players in a 12 space radius around them.

Mark For Death[edit | edit source]

MarkForDeathSpell.png Mark a player for death. All players get a skill to kill the target if they stand on the same space. When the target is killed by another player, all players lose the skill.

Polymorph[edit | edit source]

PolymorphSpell.png Turn a living player into a random animal with a random amount of Karma. This spell has no effect on dead players.

Prime Evil[edit | edit source]

PrimeEvilSpell.png Cast a spell of mathematical evil, sending all players who currently stand on a prime number back a number of spaces equal to the number of that prime number in the list of all prime numbers, up to 25 spaces. For example, players on space 2 get sent back 1 space, whereas a player on space 29 (the 10th prime) gets sent back 10 spaces.

Scare[edit | edit source]

ScareSpell.png Scare someone!

Shatter[edit | edit source]

ShatterSpell.png Destroy two random Frozen items in target player's inventory.

Slow[edit | edit source]

SlowSpell.png Reduce a player's Speed by 4 for 2 turns.

Spellsteal[edit | edit source]

SpellstealSpell.png Steal one random good magic effect from a player.

Steal Item[edit | edit source]

StealItemSpell.png Steal one random item from another player.

Weaponize[edit | edit source]

WeaponizeSpell.png Give everyone some weapons.

Light Spells[edit | edit source]

Acceleration[edit | edit source]

AccelerationSpell.png Grants every player +1 Speed, and has a 50% chance to give you +2 Speed.

Blessing Of Vengeance[edit | edit source]

BlessingOfVengeanceSpell.png Place a magical blessing upon a player that lasts 6 turns. When a player with this blessing gets killed by another player, they block death and the murderer dies.

Blink[edit | edit source]

BlinkSpell.png Swiftly teleport to a nearby location within 15 spaces. Only spaces that have no player on them are valid targets for this spell!

Cards Of Fate[edit | edit source]

CardsOfFateSpell.png Grant a player a magical buff. They will be able to choose from 7 random events in their next turn.

Defensive Barrier[edit | edit source]

DefensiveBarrierSpell.png Summon a defensive barrier around a player, blessing them with two non-functional Magic Buffs.

Divine Prayer[edit | edit source]

DivinePrayerSpell.png Instantly remove all Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitation effects, Diseases, Poisons and Curses from all players and resurrect them.

Empowered Dice[edit | edit source]

EmpoweredDiceSpell.png Magically empower a player's dice to get a guaranteed Roll Streak on their next roll.

Energize[edit | edit source]

EnergizeSpell.png Remove all skill cooldowns from a player.

Focus[edit | edit source]

FocusSpell.png Remove Skip-A-Turn and Incapacitation from a player.

Guardian[edit | edit source]

GuardianSpell.png Summon a magical Guardian for a player who will aid them in various ways for about 15 turns.

Life Shield[edit | edit source]

LifeShieldSpell.png Shield a player, protecting them from death for 3 turns. If a player with Life Shield dies, they block death and gain a refreshed Life Shield. (Max 3 times)

Life Ward[edit | edit source]

LifeWardSpell.png Conjure a magical ward on a target space. Each round, the ward resurrects all dead players within a 40 space radius around it. Ward radius is reduced by 5 each round, so it lasts 8 rounds.

Mass Energize[edit | edit source]

MassEnergizeSpell.png Cast a spell of pure energy! All players have their skill cooldowns reset.

Momentum[edit | edit source]

MomentumSpell.png Bless a player with a magical Momentum buff. After 2, 8 and 15 turns this buff grants them a permanent +1 Speed. The buff wears off when the target dies.

Nature's Blessing[edit | edit source]

NaturesBlessingSpell.png Every player gains 2 random pieces of Fruit or Vegetables. The caster will receive 1 additional piece.

On Love's Wings[edit | edit source]

OnLovesWingsSpell.png Give another player +1 Speed and lose 1 Speed yourself.

Remove Curse[edit | edit source]

RemoveCurseSpell.png Remove a curse from a player.

Revive[edit | edit source]

ReviveSpell.png Revive a dead player.

Runes Of Guidance[edit | edit source]

RunesOfGuidanceSpell.png Cast this spell on a player to cause 4 magic runes to appear randomly around them. You can later activate these runes with your newly acquired Activate Runes Of Guidance skill, sending anyone who stands on top of a rune 12-19 spaces forwards. The skill disappears after 2 rounds if not used.

Save Point[edit | edit source]

SavePointSpell.png Cast a beneficial spell on a player. For 6 turns, they cannot move behind their current space. This spell protects them from a maximum total movement of 50 spaces.

Scales Of Justice[edit | edit source]

ScalesOfJusticeSpell.png Cast a spell of justice! The player who is leading moves back 15 spaces. The player who is at the back moves forward 15 spaces.

Soul Speed[edit | edit source]

SoulSpeedSpell.png Imbue a player with protective magic for 6 turns. If a player dies with the Soul Speed buff active, that player gains 1 Speed permanently.

Speed Boost[edit | edit source]

SpeedBoostSpell.png Give a player +4 Speed Boost for 2 turns.

Spell Reflect[edit | edit source]

SpellReflectSpell.png Cast a very powerful magic effect on a player, granting them awesome protection from targeted, harmful dark magic for 12 turns. The next harmful dark spell targeted at this player will reflect back to its caster.

Spell Shield[edit | edit source]

SpellShieldSpell.png Shield a player with a magical Spell Shield. This shield lasts 12 turns and absorbs the first harmful spell used against them, also granting them a random Magic Crystal.

Wealth[edit | edit source]

WealthSpell.png Cast a spell of wealth! All players gain 50% of your Rupees. You gain 100% of your Rupees. (Max 100 Rupees)

Wormhole[edit | edit source]

WormholeSpell.png Start summoning a wormhole. While channelling, you skip 3 turns. If the spell completes, you move forward 55 to 75 spaces. Channelling is interrupted by moving and death.