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Sneaky is a Buff.

You are Sneaky, which increases your chances of success in situations where you need to be sneaky. For reals!

Category: Buff

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Increases the chance to succeed at robbing The Bank to 100%, also prevents the consumption of the Gun.
  • If you select [I'll get past him!] against the Big(ger) Golem of the Archaeology Dig, you'll pass the challenge. If you select it against the Biggest Golem, you'll pass the challenge if you have at least 4 total Speed.
  • The chance to be sent back 20-25 spaces upon trying to take something from the Pile Of Rubble in Princess Bubblegum's Lab in Ooo is reduced.
  • The chance to gain Skip-A-Turn upon trying to hit the drunk in The Wild West with a (Holy) Hammer is reduced.
  • The chance to be Incapacitated upon trying to sneak past in the Dungeon Crawl's Entrance Test is reduced.
  • The chance to be killed upon trying to take The Dragon's Hoard or the egg from its Nest is reduced.
  • The chance to be killed upon trying to open a container in The Cellar of The Haunted Mansion is reduced.
  • Upon taking aim with a Sniper Rifle, the sound clip of someone saying "I've got you in my sights." doesn't play. (A public log entry is still added about aiming as normal, however. Also, the actual shot's sound effect can still play.)
  • If the [Let's fish!] option is chosen at the White House Fountain, you don't become Incapacitated.
  • You aren't shot at when robbing in Doggo World.

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