Sleeping Bear

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Sleeping Bear can be reached with the Improbability Neutral Effect. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, you find a sleeping bear. You can wake it up to go to The Bear! event, or you can simply leave it alone and leave the event. You can also throw a Pocket Ball at the Bear for a chance to capture it; if unsuccessful, it will kill you.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

Sleeping Bear
You use your Improbability Device and walk into a forest.

When you enter the forest you see something brown in the bushes. When you get closer you see a sleeping bear...

What do you want to do?

[Wake the bear!][Let the bear sleep]

Try to catch this creature:

Upon selecting [Wake the bear!]:

Wake Up!
You kick the bear between the legs! Hah, that ought to wake him up...


Upon selecting [Let the bear sleep]:

Sleepy Bear
You quietly walk away, and let the bear sleep. He's probably taking a nice nap, no need to disturb him.


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