Slavemaster's Knout

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Slavemaster's Knout is an item.

Slavemaster's Knout
In-Game Description
Tooltip Reduce a Living item's cooldown by 4 turns.

Warning: Repeated use of the knout on a Living item may result in its destruction!

Flavor Text Designed by AmIKawaiiUguu, one of our most generous supporters!
Object, Animal Products
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 4

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose a Living item you have which is currently on cooldown. The selected item will either have its cooldown lowered by 4 or be destroyed depending on how many times this particular Slavemaster's Knout has already lowered the cooldown of the particular chosen item. (With either a new Knout or a new copy (except for a true copy like from Primed Clonegg 5000) of the chosen item, a previous counter is not transferred.)
  • If 0 times: Can only lower the cooldown.
  • If 1-2 times: Can lower the cooldown. Unknown if the item can be destroyed.
  • If 3-6 times: Can lower the cooldown or destroy the item.
  • If 7 times: Can only destroy the item.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If an Unremovable item would be destroyed by the Knout, it won't be destroyed, and the cooldown won't be lowered. Also, the count for how many times the cooldown has been lowered will be unchanged.
  • Though very difficult to confirm conclusively, it does appear that among the "3-6 times" outcome above, the chance for destruction increases each time the cooldown is lowered.

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