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"Seduce your enemies and infect them with Sexually Transmitted Diseases!"
— Former Specialized Adventuring! Description

-cubus (Incubus for males, Succubus for females, or Concubus for non-binary individuals) is a class.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The No AIDS For You! replacement event when you already have AIDS is AIDS, so you don't lose your AIDS.
  • Normally, you gain 2 random STDs from the Libido Demon in the Archaeology Dig if you use the standard option. However, if you are a -cubus, the Demon just lets you pass.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Sexual Immunity[edit | edit source]

STDs do not harm you, have a much longer duration and cannot be removed.

Also, you're better at almost anything that's sexual!

If the Class Talent is active: Having sex now grants you a +4 Speed Boost for 3 turns and reduces all your skill cooldowns by 1 turn.
Category: Buff

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Your STDs gain the Unremovable category.
  • When you gain an STD (including if you have an existing STD lengthened), its duration is longer from all sources compared to if you didn't have Sexual Immunity.
  • You aren't affected in the Effects Phase or Roll Phase by your STDs:
  • If you would gain AIDS while already having AIDS, the effect is lengthened instead of shortened.
  • When you die, you don't lose your STDs. (Other Diseases are still lost.)
  • You are unaffected when your Corona activates during the Effects Phase.
  • You are unaffected by sex education, the special effect triggered by combining a Banana and Time Travel Condom, so you don't lose your STDs.
  • When your Debuffs are removed by Defective Turret's Blessing in the Hall Of Heroes, I Feel Good!, or Morpheus' Blue Pill in The Future, you don't lose your STDs.
  • You don't become Incapacitated when hit by a Sex Bomb.
  • Guardian ignores your STDs.
  • The Brothel's A Hooker!/A Gigolo! subevents will always result in the 16 spaces forwards possibility (unless you have Jinxed Jewel Of Impotence.)
  • Random Drink's Aphrodisiac subevent results in you gaining 1 Speed instead of losing 1 Speed.
  • The Jungle's Waterfall subevent results in you gaining 1 Speed instead of losing 1 Speed if you watch Tarzan or Jane.
  • If the Class Talent is active: When you have sex, you gain 3 turns of Speed Boost, and all of your skills have their cooldowns lowered by 1.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • Gaining Sexual Immunity while you already have STDs won't lengthen their duration, but will make them Unremovable.
  • Seduction's cooldown is lowered by Sexual Immunity (Class Talent) when Seduction causes you to have sex with a player.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Seduction[edit | edit source]

In-Game Description
Tooltip Seduce a target, causing them to move up to 9 spaces in your direction. If the target reaches your space, they'll be incapacitated and any STDs you and the target have, will be shared.

If the Class Talent is active: Seduced players become unable to kill you for 3 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 6
Other appearances
Extra Hot Succubus
Demon Trickster
Overlord Succubus
Santa's Little Helper

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Target another player.
  • If they're within a 9-space radius and are alive: They move to your space. Then, if you are on the same space as the target when this portion of the effect triggers, they are Incapacitated, and you have sex with them in order to exchange STDs with them.
  • If they're not within a 9-space radius or are Dead: Nothing occurs besides this skill going on cooldown.
  • If the Class Talent is active: If you targeted a living player with this skill, they gain 3 turns of Unable To Kill PlayerName.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • The Class Talent activates even if the targeted player dies due to movement, does not move at all, and does not become Incapacitated/have sex/exchange STDs.

Event Use[edit | edit source]

Fear[edit | edit source]

In-Game Description
Tooltip Strike fear into nearby enemies' hearts. Any opponent within a 10 space radius will flee 6-9 spaces away from you.

If the Class Talent is active: Radius increased to 12 spaces. Enemy players hit by Fear are Silenced for 4 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 5
Other appearances
Extra Hot Succubus
Demon Trickster
Overlord Succubus
Santa's Little Helper

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • All living enemy players within an 10-space radius of you move 6-9 spaces away from you. (Players on your space move backward.) The amount moved is independently decided for each affected player.
  • If the Class Talent is active: This skill affects all living enemy players within a 12-space radius of you instead of only affecting those within a 10-space radius of you. Also, all players you affect with this skill gain 4 turns of Temporarily Silenced.

Event Use[edit | edit source]

Sexual Ritual[edit | edit source]

Sexual Ritual
In-Game Description
Tooltip Sacrifice a Living creature to the powers of Hell to gain a random STD and an Ethereal Gem.

Alternatively, sacrifice an STD to instantly move 12 spaces forwards.

If the Class Talent is active: Now also summons a random Lesser Demon. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 6
Other appearances
Extra Hot Succubus
Demon Trickster
Overlord Succubus
Santa's Little Helper

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose one option:
  • Choose a Living item you have; sacrifice it to remove it from the game, then you gain a random STD (even if you are Dead) and an Ethereal Gem. If the chosen item was a Libido Fiend, you also gain a Flask Of Mojo.
  • Choose an STD you have; sacrifice it to remove it, then you move 12 spaces forward.
  • If the Class Talent is active, this skill's cooldown upon Standard Use is changed to be 5, and you summon a random Lesser Demon upon this skill's Standard Use.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • The duration of STDs gained due to Sexual Ritual:

Secret Item Interactions[edit | edit source]

These are some of the secrets of BGO.

Drinking a Flask Of Mojo reduces all your -cubus skill cooldowns by 3 turns.

While having a Gimp Suit, after another player successfully hits you with any basic melee weapon's melee attack, as well as gaining a random positive effect from the Generic positive effect-givers pool, you also gain a random STD from the Generic STD-givers (1) pool.

The explosion from a Sex Bomb doesn't incapacitate you.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Fairly easy to use.
  • Sexual Immunity makes it so you won't have any negative effects at The Brothel (excluding regaining Naughty due to a "Sick" event during Christmas.) Also, your STDs can actually be used to your advantage rather than being annoying Debuffs.
  • Seduction is useful with its interactions with The Pirate Ship's Items On Sail and The Bear!
  • Seduction can move players at any range, can spread STDs, and is one of relatively few class skills that can be used to Incapacitate.
  • Sexual Ritual makes -cubus one of only 2 classes that can reliably create Ethereal Gems which can be used to make Ethereal Gloves and Spirit Slippers, and it is decently useful for forward movement if you have an STD to spare.
  • STD Exchangers such as Sex Bomb are more useful.
  • There is a good chance for generic Disease-givers like Syringe to help you instead of hurt you.
  • Fear can be used to beat Archaeology Dig's Demon Eye.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • -cubus is generally outclassed by Necromancer significantly; -cubus generates Ethereal Gems at a slower rate, Skeleton and Zombie minions as well as the bonuses from upgraded Specters are generally much more useful than Seduction and Fear, and to top it off Command Undead has built-in cooldown reduction that can be utilized with stockpiled SP. Necromancer can even be more successful than -cubus at spreading STDs through use of the Perverted Corpse minion.
  • No skills for disposing of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Impotence. (Impotence coincidentally prevents you from having sex, a huge blow to -cubus's power.)
  • Though you won't have negative effects from going to The Brothel, you can have a relatively neutral result, while a non-cubus could still have a majorly positive result like finding Cocaine. A non-cubus can also avoid negative effects from going to The Brothel with Mojo.
  • Though your likelihood of having a positive result aboard The Pirate Ship is increased, you can still be knocked back by A Wave or sent 18 spaces back in a cannon.
  • The Pirate Ship can be sunk, removing your class advantage from the event for the rest of the game.
  • Having the -cubus class can make it more difficult to beat the Archaeology Dig's Libido Demon; the option to beat it by receiving 2 random STDs is replaced by an option that requires you to have an STD which will be removed. (Seduction is also added as an option for beating the event, though this will often be on cooldown and therefore not usable.)
  • Though luring a player to your space is generally used for killing, killing is something a -cubus would hypothetically rather not do to a player with STDs, so Seduction feels a bit out of place.
  • Seduction has relatively small utility if you are leading the pack and are not in range to Incapacitate or spread STDs to a target.
  • Living items for Sexual Ritual can be hard to come by without significant cost in shorter games.
  • Dying removes all of a non-cubus's STDs.
  • Time Travel Condom can remove all of a player's STDs, and it only costs 3 Rupees at The Engineering Shop. Lemon can remove a Disease and only costs 4 Rupees at Flava O' Da Jungle. Removing all Diseases at the Church only costs 4 Rupees.
  • Paladin counters -cubus by denying STD transmission and Incapacitation from Seduction with Auto Hammer.
  • Warlock's Filthsucker and Necromancer's Cleansing Spirit can remove Diseases.
  • Saboteur can sometimes create Bottle Of Nanogenes to remove STDs, and Alchemist can create a Cup Of Milky Tea to remove an STD.
  • During Oktoberfest, Sauerkraut can be used to remove an STD.
  • During Valentine's Week, Box Of Chocolates' Sour Lemon can be used to remove an STD.
  • You require Boots and Gloves to make the most out of your Ethereal Gems; a Gem's utility is much more situational otherwise. For this reason, Saboteurs and Quantum Physicists can effectively counter much of -cubus's strength. Spectral Screen can steal your Ethereal Gloves. And if you're poor enough, Warlock's Goldfiend can make it difficult for you to even purchase Boots or Gloves at The Market or to purchase a Living item for sacrifice.
  • Mystic Shop can appear as a random event, in Cards Of Fate, or through the Arcane Portal in The Haunted Mansion during Halloween, giving non-cubuses access to one of -cubus's "more exclusive" strengths. Ethereal Gem can also be found in Reinforcements.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Ethereal Gem can be combined with Boots or Gloves. Ethereal Gloves can be used to revive yourself, esp. with a low cost Charged Light Wand from The Magic Shop. Spirit Slippers can be useful as well.
  • You can use Seduction to drag a sprinting player back if you're not leading the pack, use it to Incap and spread STDs, use it to same-space a player for a kill, or you could save it for a more powerful event use.
  • Fear should generally be saved for getting a player off of your space or for use against the Demon Eye or The Bear.
  • You can get STDs from The Brothel, The Pirate Ship, Hell's Angel, and trivia. And don't forget about the Crabs from Flava O' Da Jungle.
  • If you're looking for Living animals to sacrifice, Crabs found at Flava O' Da Jungle, Explosive Sheep found at Engineering Shop, Cow found at The Market are commonly available. You could also get a Cow by Tractor Beaming one out of another player's inventory or getting lucky with Liquid Luck.
  • Rather than focusing on spreading STDs, consider using Seduction or other STD Exchangers to gain STDS for yourself so that you can sacrifice them with Sexual Ritual.
  • If the Dr. Who reference event is chosen, you can gain Boots and Gloves repeatedly without use of a Wildcard, so your Ethereal Gems's strength is more secure. However, players can access the Church more easily to remove STDs. Also, Mystic Shop being available through the Arcane Portal as well as the reward for completing Dr. Who's quest can make Ethereal Gloves more accessible to non-cubus players in longer games. The reward for completing Dr. Who's quest can also be Bottle Of Nanogenes which can remove all STDs.
  • If the Board Game Of Thrones reference event is chosen, you can gain 30 Rupees and regular access to The Brothel by becoming a Lannister, gain Boots and Gloves and a Wolf which can be sacrificed with Sexual Ritual by becoming a Stark, saving a Wildcard instead of using it at The Market, or become a Targaryen to have some sort of defense for your Boots and Gloves against Saboteur. You could also become a Baratheon to potentially access and Seduce The Bear! (though this is highly situational as a best option.)
  • If the Interdimensional Portal Gun reference event is chosen, you can get a Living item on Bird World or on Cronenberg streets for use with Sexual Ritual. Cronenberg streets can also give Mystery Meal and Mystery Mixer, which can potentially give STDs. On Doggo World, if you have Ethereal Gloves and a revive, you can successfully steal a Doge and a Cognition Amplifier, and if you do steal a Doge, you can sacrifice it with Sexual Ritual. On Sexy World, you can have sex to trigger the Sexual Immunity Talent, and some items in the sex dungeon allow for further sex, though other players will have easier access to Lemon to remove an STD.

Dual-Class Synergies[edit | edit source]

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

  • Brewmaster and Sexual Immunity synergize well together for Random Drink; -cubus gets 1 Speed from Aphrodisiac, while Brewmaster covers the rest of the negative outcomes. Random Drink also coincidentally appears on The Pirate Ship, increasing the value of the event at the same time its value is boosted by -cubus's tools.
  • Sex Bomb synergizes well with -cubus by spreading STDs.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of -cubus's weaknesses.
  • After gaining Skip-A-Turn from Holy Hand Grenade, you can kill yourself with ACME Rocket/Volatile Oil and revive yourself if you have Revive from The Magic Shop to avoid skipping a turn. If used with Ethereal Gloves while Dead, Holy Hand Grenade never has to give you Skip-A-Turn in the first place, and ACME Rocket won't kill you.
  • It should be noted that Mojo by itself has adequate rewards from The Brothel without Sexual Immunity, and when the 2 effects are combined, it appears that the chance to find Cocaine in The Brothel is bizarrely removed, so it is advised not to mix these 2 effects.

Assassin[edit | edit source]

  • Seduction and Assassinate can be used together to perform a kill and trigger Killer Instincts (or to simply drag a player to you and Incapacitate them.)
  • Sprint and Sexual Ritual can both be used alongside Killer Instincts Speed Boost for sprinting.
  • Remember that once you kill your target, they lose all STDs unless they are also -cubus.

Merchant[edit | edit source]

  • You can use Trade Routes to repeatedly go to The Magic Shop for Revives (for use with with Ethereal Gloves) and more easily access a Living item for Sexual Ritual, Explosive Sheep from The Engineering Shop.

Paladin[edit | edit source]

  • You can use Divine Blessing to remove STDs that you have spread to other players and gain Empowered Dice. If you spread enough STDs to a single player, you can gain 3 stacks of Empowered Dice at once if you have the Divine Blessing Talent.
  • Players that you same-space with Seduction can be knocked back by your Holy Hammer.

Ranger[edit | edit source]

  • Tracking's Crossroads grants more opportunities for The Brothel and The Pirate Ship.
  • Tracking's Crossroads grants more opportunities for attempting The Pyramid, with Ethereal Gloves being used to revive you if you die (until you are out of revives, at which point you can Feign Death.)
  • Pack Leader can summon a Living item to be sacrificed for Sexual Ritual. Beast Mastery Talent can activate due to the sacrifice.
  • Feign Death can be used to use Ethereal Dagger or to use an item like ACME Rocket while Dead with Ethereal Gloves, which can trigger the Feign Death Talent.

Warlock[edit | edit source]

  • Call Demon summons Living items that can be sacrificed for Sexual Ritual. Libido Fiend in particular can be sacrificed to gain a bonus Flask Of Mojo for use in a Sex Bomb.
  • Call Demon can produce Hellpriests that you can use to revive yourself (esp. after death to Chaotic Power) alongside Ethereal Gloves or simply Ethereal Gems.
  • The Brothel can have Cocaine for synergy with Chaotic Power.