Sasha Lore's Mobile Library

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Sasha Lore's Mobile Library is an event that can be reached with the Traveling Salesman Neutral Effect, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Khufu's Journey event, or with the Library Card Neutral Effect. It can also simply be a random event.

  • This is a special location for the Bug Net. Items which can be caught include: Bookworm.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Sasha Lore's Mobile Library

In the distance you see a traveling salesman! You walk up to a cart full of books run by a lady who looks like a librarian.

'Welcome to my little library. My name is Sasha Lore. Please, take a look around.'
'Hmmmmm, I can see what you are looking for. You're like an open book to me!'
'Ssssshhhhh! Shop in silence, little boy/girl. I'm reading.'

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Sasha Lore's Mobile Library
'Adventuring may get you places, but books will take you anywhere. Let me know if there's anything you like.'
Item Price Description
Book: Bear Behavior 2 Rupees 'You're all about adventure, aren't you? You've piqued my interest. That's for sure!'
Book: Bounty Hunting 2 Rupees 'Oooh, one of my favorites! Bounty hunters get me all excited!'
Book: Druggy 2 Rupees 'Well, I'll be! I don't know how this book got so popular...'
Book: Firearms Specialist 2 Rupees 'A complete lack of depth and romance in this one. Still, I do love a man in uniform...'
Book: Fisherman 2 Rupees 'I guess reading and fishing would go hand in hand, though I prefer reading and... more reading.'
Book: Grenadier 2 Rupees 'So much violence in this one. Way too little romance!'
Book: Haggle Expert 2 Rupees 'Goblin literature contains so much vulgar language... I love it!'
Book: Human Aerodynamics 2 Rupees 'Are you sure you need this? You don't mean to launch yourself with one of those hazardous catapults, do you?'
Book: Pathfinding 3 Rupees 'This one is very well written. I love finding shortcuts!'
Book: Shield Mastery 2 Rupees 'Ooh! You don't happen to be a knight in shining armor, do you? Meow!'
Book: Spare Time Efficiency 2 Rupees 'I don't need this book. I use all my spare time reading books. It's so... very efficient!'
Book: Spell Deflecting 3 Rupees 'Planning on fighting wizards? My my... you're an adventurous little boy/girl!'
Book: Spelunking 4 Rupees 'I read about a terrible dragon living inside a nearby cave. You might want to read this book before you enter such a cave, though.'
Book: Tinkering Quietly 1 Rupee 'Not the most thrilling literature available, but the author did receive several Gnomes for this book. What, Gnomes? Those are the awards for useful books handed out by the Gnomish Tinkering Society.'
Book: Trivia Expertise 1 Rupee 'So many facts, so little time. Tisk, I know all of these by heart.'
Storybook 3 Rupees 'The cover's a bit dusty... but you can't really go wrong with a storybook!'
Conjurer's Cookbook 5 Rupees 'I tried to read this one yesterday and it bit me! Not that I mind a bit of biting, you know...'
Unholy Encyclopedia 7 Rupees 'This dark tome holds dark secrets. Read it at your own peril...'
The Art Of War 10 Rupees 'Everything's permitted in love and war. Maybe if you want to be a better lover, you should give this a read.'
On The Origin Of Species 12 Rupees 'A scientific masterpiece! I recommend reading it unless you don't like... change.'
Tome Of Magic 50 Rupees 'It doesn't contain many pages anymore, but it still holds powerful magic! These things tend to burst into flames though, so better be careful.'
Generic post-purchase quote
Sasha carefully hands you your copy of Book: X...'Don't stop now. Please, look around some more!'
Insufficient funds quote
'Sorry, dear. I'm running a business here.'
Death quote
You seem to have died at Sasha Lore's Mobile Library. Sasha packs her things and continues her journey.
Leaving quote
'Do drop by later, will you? I'll have a brand new stock of books!'

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only 6 random books will appear for purchase per visit. (Tome Of Magic and Conjurer's Cookbook each count as books in this regard.)
  • This shop will always have a randomly selected inventory. It won't keep books which were present and weren't bought in the inventory from a previous trip.