Run, PlayerName! Run!

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Run, PlayerName! Run! is a subevent that can be reached by being targeted by another player in Pew Pew! or the Gun event. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, control of the turn is switched to you, the target, temporarily, and you can choose to run 0-40 spaces, use your "No." skill, or use a Gun.

Fleeing[edit | edit source]

  • If you choose an amount of spaces to run:
  • You have a lower chance of being shot and killed the more spaces you are away from the space you're on when you enter in an amount of spaces to run.
  • If you are 40+ spaces away from the starting spot, you still have an extremely small chance of being shot.
  • If you are 0 spaces away from the starting spot, you are always shot (unless you have the Lucky Buff.)
  • If you are shot and would be killed while you have the Bulletproof Buff, you don't die.
  • The Lucky Buff reduces your chance of being shot.
  • If the player targeting you has Firearms Specialist, your chance to be shot is increased. Note that you can see if they have it in the event's flavor text.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Movement-triggered effects like Rooted, Auto Hammer, and Caffeine Rush can alter the amount spaces you are from the starting spot, influencing if you get shot or not.

"No."[edit | edit source]

  • If you use "No.", the event ends with nothing happening.

Duel![edit | edit source]

  • If you use your Gun, you begin a duel with the player who targeted you.
  • The player who takes the first shot is randomly decided.
  • Each player can fire up to 5 shots at the other player in a duel, taking turns for each shot.
  • For each shot, a player chooses to jump left, stand still, or jump right, and the other player then chooses to shoot left, shoot in the middle, or shoot right. (The 2 decisions made are revealed after each shot.) Shooting in the middle will hit a player who stands still. Oddly, shooting left will hit a player who jumps to the left, and shooting right will hit a player who jumps to the right (suggesting either the duelists face the same direction rather than at each other or the duelists are expected to view the duel from a 3rd person view.)
  • Each player can use the "No." skill instead of jumping/standing still to block each of the opponent's 5 shots.
  • Upon being shot, a player usually dies, but they don't die if they're Bulletproof.
  • If a player is killed by a shot (including if a death blocker is triggered), the duel ends without the remaining shots being fired.
  • Upon all 10 shots being fired, if the duel is not yet over, both players in the duel mysteriously die. Note that being Bulletproof won't save either player from death in this case. Also note that neither player is treated as killing in this case.

Notes[edit | edit source]

If the player who targeted you is Blinded, you instantly move 3-5(?) spaces back and their shot misses you in a new subevent without making a choice in Run, Player! Run!. Note that Blinding a player while in a gun duel does nothing special like this.

Event Details[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

Run, PlayerName! Run!
PlayerName(other) aims at you, PlayerName!
How many spaces do you want to flee? (Max 40 spaces)
Tip: running about 10 spaces will usually save your sorry ass
(If the targeter has Firearms Specialist:, but PlayerName(other) is a Firearms Specialist, so it might be a good idea to run a bit farther)...

You're shooting me? This calls for a duel!

Or you could just say no.

Upon beginning a duel:


It's a stand-off!

[Start the duel!]

Upon continuing from Duel!:

Duel Rules
The first to die loses, capisce?

If you both miss 5 times, both of you die.

PlayerName(A) starts on the offense.

PlayerName(B) starts on the defense.

Upon the targeter being Blinded:

Shot In The Dark
You got Blinded by PlayerName(?)'s Blind Spell and shoot in the general direction of PlayerName(A)!

PlayerName(A) ran X spaces back and got away safely!

Upon running 0 spaces and escaping:

What?! PlayerName seems to be unnaturally lucky!


Upon running 1-7 spaces and escaping:

PlayerName needs shooting practice.


Upon running 8-18 spaces and escaping:

PlayerName(A) missed. PlayerName(B) got away safely.


Upon running 19-40 spaces and escaping:

PlayerName ran like hell and dodged all bullets.