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The Roll Phase occurs between the Skip Phase and the Fixed Chance Phase. In it, the turn player rolls two 6-sided dice on the Roll Dice page and moves forward spaces by the amount rolled plus total Speed (in a single action). This action has a default 10% chance to be followed by the Roll Streak x2 page.

Each Roll Streak x# page allows you to roll again, consequently again moving forward spaces by the amount rolled plus total Speed. Each roll on a page like this has a default 10% chance to queue another Roll Streak x# page, though there is a built-in limit of 6 maximum rolls per phase.

The Roll The Dice page with the "Proceed..." button is normally the last page of this phase, occurring after the Roll Dice page or final Roll Streak x# page.

If the turn player is alive when this phase starts but dies and tries to continue while Dead on either the Roll Dice page or a Roll Streak x# page, they get the message that they can't roll dice while dead as the last page of this phase.

If the turn player is Dead when this phase starts, their Tombstone will be shown on the Dead page, the first and last page of this phase, and they won't be able to roll for the phase even if they revive before continuing.

If you complete a 4th roll in a single Roll Phase by clicking the "Roll Streak x4" button/auto-continuing from the Roll Streak x4 page while alive, you instantly gain a D6.

A random Tip is given at the bottom of each Roll Dice page.

Related Items[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Ring Of King Midas' Roll Streak Riches- Grants 5-9 Rupees every time you actually click the "Roll streak x#" button on a "Roll Streak x#" page while alive.
  • Ring Of Roll Streak- Passively adds 5% chance for a roll streak to the base 10% chance for a cumulative 15% chance.

Related Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Blaze It Buff- Each die you roll will have an outcome of 5 or 6. The effect cannot stack and wears off immediately after a single roll. (meaning that if gained before Roll Dice, it doesn't apply to the roll for Roll Streak x2)
  • Crabs Debuff- You are reduced to rolling with 1 die instead of 2.
  • Empowered Dice Buff- You have a 100% instead of 10% chance to have a roll streak every time you roll with this Buff active. The effect can stack under one Buff. 1 stack is removed on every "Roll Streak x#" page until 0 stacks are reached and the Buff is removed.
  • Force Of The Dagda Buff- Each die you roll will never have an outcome below 4.
  • Inverted Dice Debuff- Turns the movement forward from rolling into movement backward.
  • Reincarnated Neutral Effect- You are reduced to rolling with 1 die instead of 2.
  • Totem Of The Beast- You can still roll with 2 dice despite Reincarnated if you're a pigeon.
  • Sapphire Necklace Buff- You gain 6 Snowballs every time you move 3 or less spaces forward in a single roll.
  • Speedless Roll Neutral Effect- Speed is not counted for movement when rolling while this effect is active.
  • Unyielding Buff- Negative Speed is not considered for spaces moved when rolling.
  • Wild Mode: Racing In Reverse Global Effect- The effect of Speed on movement from rolling in the Roll Phase is reversed. Note that, unlike when you move 0 spaces with less Speed than your die roll result in a game without this mode, you will move backwards if your Speed is greater than the die roll result.