Rick Roll Events

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Rick Roll Events are a group of random events that offer the same potential outcomes.

  • If an option is chosen which makes use of/accepts/acts on something which is part of a Rick Roll, you move no spaces, have this video pop-up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&feature=player_embedded , and even the BGO lobby is notified that you were Rick Rolled.
  • If an option is chosen which does not make use of/accept/act on something which is part of a Rick Roll, you move 5 spaces forward.

Event Texts[edit | edit source]

999,999,999th Visitor! ! !
This is not a joke. You are the 999,999,999th visitor! Click here to claim your prize money!
Alizée/Johnny Depp
Alizée/Johnny Depp walks up to you...

'Hey there, sexy. Want to have some sweet sex?'

[Yes!][Hmm... no.]

Diss Card: Destroy
You find a Magical Diss Card: Destroy! Muahahaha! Who do you want to destroy?
You win the lottery! You win a million Rupees and can buy anything you want now!

[Claim the monies!][Ignore it.]

Massive Destruction!
You find a magical button to destroy all your opponents! Wanna press it?


Mega Speed Potion!
You find the Mega Speed Potion! Woohoo!
[Drink it!][Don't drink it.]
Super Awesome Gun
You find the Super Awesome Gun TM. Who do you want to shoot to pieces?
Super Models
You stand in front of a house that's full of sexy super models! Do you want to go in and have some fun?


You find a tank! You enter it and are now an invulnerable, destructive monster!

[Cool!][Nah, thanks.]

Too Good To Be True
Oh my God! This is just too good to be true!

[Yes, please!][No thanks...]

Unicorn Power
You stand in front of one of the fabled Unicorns! Which awesome power do you want?
[Rainbow Speed]
[Unicorn Tears]
[No power for me!]

If you get Rick Rolled:


Rick Astley pops out of the ground!

Hahaha! No million dollars for you, my friend! Enjoy!


If you don't get Rick Rolled:

Well Played...

Well done! Rick Astley yeets you 5 spaces forward!