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Reinforcements can occur in the form of Early Reinforcements or Reinforcements!.

In Reinforcements!, either all players receive Downie's Gift, or all players receive Legendary Downie's Gift, or all players receive a random assortment of items from several pools; Reinforcements! has a counterpart Loot Crates! event that gives Unidentified Loot Crate.
In the case of Early Reinforcements, all players receive a random assortment of items from the same pools as Reinforcement!'s "random assortment"; however, Downie's Gift, Legendary Downie's Gift, and Unidentified Loot Crate are not available from Early Reinforcements.

For the "random assortment" scenario, all items received are independently decided for each player, the pools of items for the 2 events are identical, and each player gains 1 item/item group that they don't already have from each of the 5 pools. As of September 29th, 2022, the pools include:

Early Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

  • This can only occur if Reinforcements is activated during game creation. The items are granted automatically when the game begins.

Reinforcements![edit | edit source]

Loot Crates![edit | edit source]