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Reincarnation can only occur as the first Resurrection Phase event after becoming Dead.

In the event, the player is revived with the Reincarnated effect with a random animal and 0 Karma (or a mad amount of Karma if you reincarnated as a Honey Badger) (without triggering any revival-related or natural revival-related effects). Note that this event's chance to occur as the first event is increased significantly by Totem Of The Beast and by World Animal Day. The base chance for the event to occur as the first event is ~12.5% and becomes ~50% with Totem Of The Beast.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

You reincarnate as a Cow/Dog/Pigeon/Spotted Hyena/Turtle!

You will now gain karma by living according to your dharma. Spiritual, eh?

Make sure you gather as much karma as you can. You will reincarnate again if you gather 4 karma!

If reincarnated as a Honey Badger:

Honey Badger Reincarnation
You reincarnate as a freaking Honey Badger!

Karma? Dharma? Honey Badger don't care. You gain a crazy amount of power, keep your ability to use items and skills and get a new skill as well!

You will block your first death. Good luck!

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