Random Fart is the unofficial name for a subevent cluster. You randomly go to one of the subevents with the Wildcard: Flavor Events Neutral Effect from the [Random Fart] option of Wildcard: Flavor Events. An invisible random event can also immediately lead to one of the subevents randomly.

Subevents Edit

Fart Edit

  • Move 3 spaces back.

Musical Fart Edit

  • Move 14 spaces forward.

Event Texts Edit

You fart. That's a bad habit, you know? Move back 3 spaces!
Musical Fart
You fart the French national anthem./You fart 'Living In The Sunlight' by Tiny Tim./You fart the tune of The A-Team./You fart the Dutch national anthem./You fart the The Mysterious Ticking Noise by Potter Puppet Pals./You fart The Trashman - Surfin' Bird./You fart the tune of The Muppets Show.
That's freaking awesome! Move 14 spaces forward!

Chatbox Text Edit

PlayerName farted in a musical fashion and moved 14 spaces forward.