Random Drink

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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Random Drink (flavor text).

Random Drink is the unofficial name for a subevent cluster. You randomly go to one of the subevents upon having a drink in the Drink Potion event, the Potion event, the Tarzan's Jungle Cocktail subevent after choosing the Vine in The Jungle, the Drink With The Captain subevent after boarding The Pirate Ship, or from asking the bartender for a drink in The Saloon in The Wild West after defeating exactly 2 Wild West bad guys.

  • If you're an Alchemist, most "negative" subevents will be prevented from taking effect.
  • In all of the subevents, you are treated as drinking (even if you spit the drink out as an Alchemist) unless you're an Alchemist and elect not to drink a Shift Elixir.
  • Shift Elixir and Volatile Oil are the rarest of these subevents.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

Aphrodisiac[edit | edit source]

Lose 1 permanent Speed if you're a non-cubus. Gain 1 permanent Speed if you're a -cubus. (You spit the aphrodisiac out and don't lose Speed if you're an Alchemist but still gain Speed if Alchemist and -cubus.)

Beer[edit | edit source]

Gain 2 turns of the Drunk Neutral Effect.

Crazy Juice[edit | edit source]

Gain 4 turns of the Crazy Neutral Effect.

Gummiberry Juice[edit | edit source]

Move 14 spaces forward.

Holy Water[edit | edit source]

Lose all Curses you have.

Liquid Luck[edit | edit source]

One of the following occurs:

  • The player receives 3-5 Rupees.
  • The player must select and receive 1 of 2 items randomly selected out of the following pool:

Mojo[edit | edit source]

Gain 15 turns of the Temporary Mojo Buff.

Piss[edit | edit source]

Nothing happens mechanics-wise besides a title being added to the front of your name. (You spit the piss out if you're an Alchemist and don't get the title.)

Poison[edit | edit source]

Gain Slowing Poison for 2 turns. (Being an Alchemist does NOT make you spit this out, though you are unaffected due to Poison Immunity.)

Shift Elixir[edit | edit source]

Switch spaces with a random other player upon drinking. (You can choose whether or not you drink the elixir if you're an Alchemist.)

Speed Potion[edit | edit source]

Gain 1 permanent Speed.

Vodka[edit | edit source]

You move backwards 10 spaces normally, or you move 10 spaces forward if you chose Baratheon in Pick A House. Either way, gain 4 turns of the Drunk Neutral Effect. (You spit out the vodka and don't move back or gain the Drunk effect if you're an Alchemist without being a Baratheon.)

Volatile Oil[edit | edit source]

You die and get 1 turn of Fire. (You spit the oil out and don't die or gain Fire if you're an Alchemist without Fire Immunity. You do gain Skip-A-Turn, however. Fire Immunity prevents the subevent from affecting you entirely aside from you being counted as drinking.)