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If you're looking for the O Rly Owl trivia event, see Oh Really?.

Questions!? is an event that can be reached with the Eye Of The Graeae event, or the Khufu's Journey event. It can also simply be a random event.

This event has a random trivia question taken from a large pool. It has 3 incorrect answer choices and 1 correct answer choice. Answering correctly will net a reward, while answering incorrectly will net a penalty.

  • Due to the Natural Liar Buff, Lawyers can't receive the penalties if they answer wrong.
  • Truth Serum can be used to answer the question correctly automatically (along with activating drinking related effects).
  • The turn player can choose to answer the question themself or force another chosen player to answer it.
  • If handed off to another player, the game will temporarily be treated as being on the other player's turn.
  • The genre, percentages of players who've answered the question correctly/incorrectly, potential reward for a correct answer, and potential penalty for an incorrect or overly slow answer for the question are shown before the turn player decides who will answer the question.
  • Note that AIDS from the the "AIDS" penalty and AIDS from the "random STD" penalty are NOT the same duration.
  • Once the question is shown, a 15 second countdown begins. Any answer choice given after the 15 seconds are up will be counted as wrong, even if Truth Serum is used. (Truth Serum doesn't take effect and isn't consumed if used in this case.)
  • The pool of rewards and (almost certainly) the pool of penalties for this event are shared with Oh Really? according to the admin Dysprosium.