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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Prehistory (flavor text).

Prehistory can be reached with the Gallifreyan Time Travel Neutral Effect, from It's... Bigger On The Inside! after saying yes in The Doctor In The TARDIS (will be called The Prehistory), from strapping on The Time Machine, or from Crackling Lightning after pulling The Lever. It cannot simply be a random event. (Also, the Mammoths, One Tiny Bug..., Pterodactyl, and Tyrannosaurus Rex subevents can be reached from Creature Encounter!)

In the event, the player can continue and get a random subevent or use an Improbability Device to get the Tyrannosaurus Rex subevent.

  • After it starts to snow during Winter, you have a chance to use the Pick Snowballs skill to pick up Snowballs before continuing from the first page of this event (unless you reached it from The Doctor In The TARDIS, in which case you cannot do so.)
  • This is a special location for the Bug Net. Items which can be caught include: Trilobite.
  • Quantum Crystallizer Passive: Upon reaching this event (including if you reached it from The Doctor In The TARDIS), you gain a random Magic Crystal.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

Cavemen[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you're using the Prehistoric Cavewomen skin, the outcomes of the Cavemen event are reversed.

Mammoths[edit | edit source]

Move 13-17 spaces forward and become Incapacitated. If you somehow remove/prevent the Incapacitation, you can capture a Mammoth with your Pocket Ball.

One Tiny Bug...[edit | edit source]

You can capture a Temporal Bug with a Pocket Ball or continue, triggering all players in the game to receive a random name from a pool matching their gender. (Multiple players can receive the same name.) Also, the finish line has a chance to be moved; if it does, it is moved 4-20(?) spaces forward or backward. (You can also catch a Temporal Bug after selecting continue initially.)

  • If you want to know a player's original username after their name is randomized, right click their new name and then click Show info. You can also tell based on the join order and player color since it doesn't change.

Primordial Pools[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching this subevent, your Frozen items will automatically thaw. You can then choose to Evolve a Living item, or [Explore the pools] to either travel 2-5 spaces forwards or gain a random item from a pool including Blazing Egg, Bramble Bush, Dino Egg, Dino Mount, Funny Fungus, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Moly, Nutritious Mold, and On The Origin Of Species.

Before or after selecting an option, Fishing Pole and Pet Bear can be used to fish in the Primordial Pools; Pet Bear can catch Fish, while Fishing Pole can catch Primordial Fish and Trilobite in addition to generic items. A Bucket can be used at this location to gain Primordial Soup. You can also mine a rock with your Mining Pick to gain an Evolution Stone, or a generic item.

  • When choosing to Evolve a Living item, the following Special Evolutions can occur, each with a chance for the resultant item to be "shiny" with both the Soulbound and Sparkling enchantments:
  • The following Evolution can occur:

Pterodactyl[edit | edit source]

Randomly move 5-20 spaces forward or backward. You also have a chance to capture a Pterodactyl with your Pocket Ball.

The Glacier[edit | edit source]

You reach the The Glacier event.

Tyrannosaurus Rex[edit | edit source]

Rarely reached as a random subevent or guaranteed to be the subevent if an Improbability Device is used. You get killed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex. If you had a death blocker or somehow come back to life, you can capture it with a Pocket Ball.

What? (The Whirlpool event)[edit | edit source]

This is regarded as one of the big secrets of BGO.

This replaces the Tyrannosaurus Rex subevent if it would be visited while the T-Rex is in a Filled Pocket Ball or has been released from a Filled Pocket Ball without yet being captured by the army. In the subevent, Fire is removed from you if you have it, and you drink a beer. (Doesn't give the Drunk Neutral Effect, though does count as drinking.) Also, if you have Drown Immunity, you move 20-30 spaces forward.

Gallery[edit | edit source]