Poll Phase

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The Poll Phase occurs between the 2nd Resurrection Phase and the Event Phase.

The player must have an account and must have not answered the most recent Poll question posed by the admins to reach this phase's event. (This is the only event in BGO besides Artifact Choice, The Wild West's jackpot, and White House Fountain where a previous game can directly affect what occurs in a current game.)

This phase occurs immediately before your first Crossroads event of the game; this will be within Rounds 3-6 supposing the Crossroads event is not somehow delayed. Note that the Crossroads event will be taken from the queue simultaneously as the Poll Phase event, such that a Forced End during the Poll Phase will prevent going to the companion Crossroads event even in the next turn. Also note that the Poll event cannot ever occur a 2nd time in the same game.

In a Poll event, the turn player can vote on the most recent poll posed by the admins. Other players can see how you voted on the page after voting. You can also choose not to vote; this allows this event with the same question to occur for you in a future game.