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Passive is an inventory category.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The primary characteristic of Passive items is that they do not have a Standard Use. (They can have a Standard Use due to the Food enchantment, however.)
  • Unlike non-Passive items, if a Passive item has an inherent cooldown or a charge(s), its passive effect activating will put it on cooldown or consume a charge, respectively, and its passive effect cannot activate while it is on cooldown.
  • Note that basic Cockatiel's passive effect doesn't actually have an inherent cooldown. Its cooldown being visible in its in-game tooltip is a bit misleading; only Magic Cockatiel has an effect that puts it on cooldown. As such, its effect can activate even while it's on cooldown. However, Bracers Of Bladesinging cannot similarly activate while on cooldown; this appears to be because Magic Cockatiel's inherent cooldown is unrelated to a passive effect, while Charged Bracers Of Bladesinging's cooldown is.
  • Apollo's Phoenix's transfer effect is an exception.