Party Time

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Party Time takes place when the Thermo on the right side of the screen on BGO's Lobby screen completely fills up. Every donation causes the Thermo to fill a bit more until it reaches whatever top donation goal was set. Once it does reach or pass the top set goal, Party Time will be activated for twenty-four hours, with a timer at the top of it informing how long until Party Time ends.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

When Party Time is activated, the following occurs:

  • Classes that typically require x amount of euros donated to unlock become temporarily unlocked for everyone to use, not just donators.
  • Double classes are unlocked for everyone. Triple classes are unlocked for those who have donated at least €9.00 total at any point.
  • Everyone may, if they would like to, choose one free dice or tombstone skin out of certain skins each game that will last that entire game.
  • Everyone receives one free Donator Taunt they may use in-game if they would like to.
  • Everyone receives one Sound Blaster charge.
  • Minigames reward three items, rather than two.

If you create a game using special Party Time options before Party Time ends but don't start the game until after Party Time ends, the special Party Time options you selected will not be active in-game.