Ooo (flavor text)

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Event/Chatbox Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encountering Cinnamon Bun while Unable To Eat Or Drink:

Cinnamon Bun
You meet a sweet smelling inhabitant of Ooo. He looks like a giant... cinnamon bun?

'Hey Finn! I was looking for Princess Bubblegum, but I got lost. I'm so happy to see you!'

Man, you could go for a tasty cinnamon bun right now. You want to eat him, but you're Unable To Eat Or Drink! Dammit...

Upon giving a Decursed Cat Collar to Marceline:

Decursed Cat Collar
You quickly reach for your Decursed Cat Collar and hand it to Marceline!


She takes the collar and sniffs it with her batlike nose.

'That's weird. Smells like magic. Dark magic. Where did you get this?'

She turns the Collar around and looks at it. She seems intrigued by what she sees.

'6DiabloNumberRunes... Where have I seen that before?'

She ponders for a moment.

'Got it! There was this chill barbarian guy who I met about... 200 years ago? He could rock, man! He had a great, raw voice! Anyway, he had the same kinds of runes carved into his axe. They're pretty ancient I guess! I think he called them... guardian runes?'

Marceline sucks the color out of the Collar and hands it back to you.

'Oof, powerful stuff! Here, you hold on to this. It might turn out to be important some day.'


Upon giving a Decursed Cat Collar to Marceline:

PlayerName gave Marceline his Decursed Cat Collar! She told a story, ate its color and returned the item.

Upon attempting to give a Decolored Decursed Cat Collar/non-Red Lightsaber to Marceline:

'What? Now you're just trying to mess with me! Get lost, jerk!'

Marceline picks you up and drops you in a nearby forest. You get knocked unconscious, X spaces backwards.


Upon attempting to give a Decolored Decursed Cat Collar/non-Red Lightsaber to Marceline:

PlayerName got knocked unconscious by Marceline, X spaces backwards.

Upon giving a Box Of Chocolates to Marceline:

Box Of Chocolates
You quickly reach for your heart-shaped Box Of Chocolates.


Marceline's bat face slowly reverts back to normal. Heck, she even seems to be... blushing?

'Is that... for me? That's... really nice of you. That's the sweetest and most unexpected Valentine's gift I've ever had. You're kinda cool, you know that? I'm still in the mood to scare the living daylight out of someone, though! Do you know anyone?'


[No, sorry!]

Upon giving a Red Herring to Marceline:

Red Herring
You quickly reach for your Red Herring and hand it to Marceline!


She gives you a weird look.

'A Red Herring? Are these supposed to like, not exist? Huh, then again, I've seen a lot of weird stuff in the land of Ooo. I suppose this shouldn't be the weirdest thing. But still... No. This is not supposed to exist. It's forbidden. Heck, dude! It was made impossible! I remember now. This is one of the few things that have been made impossible to exist in this universe! I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna eat this. How about you keep it. I'm out of here!'
[Errr, ok?]

Upon giving Tomatoes to Marceline:

You quickly reach for your Tomatoes!


Marceline instantly seems calm again.

'Hey... something red. For me? You know... sorry. We got off on the wrong foot. You're actually kinda cool! I'm gonna decline though. Tomatoes give me lucid dreams.'

Alright, that worked! :)

Upon giving a Demon Sword to Marceline:

Demon Sword
You quickly reach for your Demon Sword and hand it to Marceline!


Marceline's eyes shoot wide open as she sees the sword.

'Are you freaking kidding me? You're handing me Joshua's Demon Sword?! The Hellflame?! The Prison of Demon Souls?! You've got to be kidding me! But I'll take it. Damn right I'll take it! And as for you... Here, take all of this! I've collected it over the years. It's good stuff. And... thanks. Thank you so much...'

Errrr. Wow. Okay.