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Naughty is a Debuff.

You have been naughty... Give someone a present to become nice!

Category: Debuff, Unremovable

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • This effect queues the Santa event (with a 3-7 turn delay) when you gain the effect or when you have a Naughty Santa subevent. Note that losing the Naughty Debuff does not remove the Santa event from the queue.
  • You have a random Naughty subevent when you go to the Santa event.
  • This effect cannot be removed even by The Cup Of Jamshid or Noodles Of Cleansing.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If a Naughty Santa event is taken from your event queue but you have a Forced End before actually reaching the event, a new Santa event is not queued and will not be queued for the rest of the game unless you lose and regain Naughty.

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How To Obtain[edit | edit source]

  • All players automatically gain this effect when the game begins during Christmas.
  • Successfully have sex in an "Oh my god! That's sick!" subevent

Effects[edit | edit source]