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Mystic Shop is an event that can be reached from the [A card picturing an eerie hut.] option in Cards Of Fate, the talented Trade Routes event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Mystic Shop] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Fork In The Road event, the Khufu's Journey event, or from the Arcane Portal in The Haunted Mansion's Cellar. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Mystic Shop

You enter a shabby hut. This place has an eerie, purple glow around it. A dark woman stares you in the eyes.

'Welcome, mon. Ya wanna trade wid M'bala?'

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Mystic Shop
M'bala keeps staring you directly in the eyes.
'Dis be ma latest shipment. Dere be some powerful stuff here, mon! Blessed by da spirits!'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Flowing Ring 8 Rupees 'Dis Ring be connectin' ya mind to da ley lines. Ya will be feelin' da flow, mon!'
Ring Of Arcane Vision 5 Rupees 'Dis is for lookin' into dee dark, mon. Dis Ring will help ya see!'
Ring Of Earth Attunement 6 Rupees 'Ya want ta find Magic Crystals, mon? Dis be the Ring for ya!'
Ring Of Light 8 Rupees 'Bein' dead be nasty, mon. Dis Ring will help ya.'
Ring Of Poison Immunity 7 Rupees 'I wear one of dese, mon. Very swag when ya like ta test ya own brews.'
Ring Of Roll Streak 9 Rupees 'Da spirits love cheatin', mon. Dey will help ya out.'
Ring Of Speed 11 Rupees 'Ahh, dis Ring be imbued wid speed. Don't let da voodoo grab ya!'
Ring Of Spell Deflecting 8 Rupees 'Ahahaha! Griselda be hatin' dese Rings, mon! In fact, she be hatin' me and ma entire shop!'
Random Dark Scroll Equal Rupees to the Scroll's standard shop price 'Dis be a Dark Scroll. Ya can use its mystic powah only once. Make it count, mon!'
Random Light Scroll Equal Rupees to the Scroll's standard shop price 'Dis be a Light Scroll. Ya can use its mystic powah only once. Make it count, mon!'
Ethereal Gem 4 Rupees 'Dis Gem be fadin' in an' outta dis realm. Ya can use it to make powerful Ethereal items, mon!'
Ethereal Dagger 7 Rupees 'Dis Dagger be linked to da spirit realm. It be filled wid vengeful spirits, mon!'
Voodoo Charm 13 Rupees 'Ahh, dis Charm be strong voodoo! When ya die, ya become a zombie... until ya explode! Ya better watch out, mon...'
Soulstone 16 Rupees 'Dis Soulstone be a powerful, ethereal vessel! Beware... do not lose ya soul, mon!'
Toilet Paper 2 Rupees 'Dis be an item of a more... practical nature. One roll be enough ta keep da bad voodoo out, mon!'
Generic post-purchase quote
M'bala hands you the X...'Ya want more?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Ya ain't got da money to buy dat! Get out, mon!'
Death quote
You seem to have died at the Mystic Shop... M'bala throws your corpse into a pit in her backyard.
Leaving quote
You leave the Mystic Shop. This place is giving you the creeps!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only 1 Magic Ring, 1 Dark Scroll, and 1 Light Scroll will be available for purchase per visit. Though initially selected randomly from their respective pools, these items will continue being in the shop for all players on future visits and won't be replaced by another random item from their respective pool until being purchased by a player.
  • All common and rare spells can have a corresponding Scroll appear. (Scare and Curse Of Cold cannot.)
  • Toilet Paper is only for sale if Coronavirus Pandemic is active.

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