Quantum Physicist

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"Constantly create items and avoid death like no other!"
— Former Specialized Adventuring! Description

Quantum Physicist is a class.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Quantum Uncertainty[edit | edit source]

Your location is uncertain. Every turn you either move between 1 and 3 spaces backward or between 1 and 5 spaces forward.

If the Class Talent is active: Now always teleports you to another player if another player is in range.

Buff.png Category: Buff, Unremovable

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • During your Effects Phase, if you are alive, you randomly either move 1-3 spaces back or 1-5 spaces forward.
  • If the Class Talent is active: During your Effects Phase, if you are alive and a player(s) is on one of the spaces that Quantum Uncertainty can randomly teleport you to, you move to the space of the player on the highest space within those spaces instead of having the standard Quantum Uncertainty effect.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Schrödinger's Box[edit | edit source]

Schrödinger's Box
In-Game Description
Tooltip You hide inside a scientific cardboard box for 2 turns. While inside the box, you cannot die. When you get out of the box, you have a 50% chance to die. Does not work inside the Pyramid.

If the Class Talent is active: When you die and this is off cooldown, it has a 50% to activate automatically, also blocking the death. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 6
Other appearances
Schrödinger's Cat Girl

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • You gain Schrödinger's Box for 2 turns.
  • Schrödinger's Box: Passively grants Death Immunity. When this effect wears off in the Effects Phase, there is a 50% chance it will kill you. This effect can be extended.
  • If the Class Talent is active: This skill's cooldown upon Standard Use is changed to be 5.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • The Schrödinger's Box skill tooltip is a bit misleading. Death Immunity can prevent deaths of a player inside of the Deadly Pyramid as long as the deaths aren't related to Pyramid traps.

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Schrödinger's Box Tooltip
You're hiding inside a scientific cardboard box. You are currently immune to death, but when you come out of the box, you have a 50% chance to die. Hail science!

Duration: X turn(s)

Buff.png Category: Buff

Passive Effect[edit | edit source]

  • If the Class Talent is active: If you would die while this skill is off cooldown, the death is blocked 50% of the time; if death is blocked in this way, you gain Schrödinger's Box for 2 turns, and this skill is put on cooldown for 5 turns.
  • If the Class Talent is active: If this skill would be destroyed while it is off cooldown (e.g. due to Brahmastra or Empowered Heroic Plush Downie), instead it is put on cooldown for 1 turn.
Notes[edit | edit source]
  • See Death blockers for more information on effects like this.
  • This skill is not treated as a death blocker by Brahmastra, etc. unless it has the Class Talent.
  • If this skill would be destroyed while it is on cooldown, it is simply not destroyed; the cooldown will not be changed.

Multiversal Flux[edit | edit source]

Multiversal Flux
In-Game Description
Tooltip Force an item to go out of sync with our universe, pulling in a random item from a parallel universe to replace it.

Optionally, you can cause a Global Multiversal Flux, causing a Multiversal Flux on every player that also has that same item.

If the Class Talent is active: Now also generates a copy of the new item. Retrieving that copy invokes a 3 turn cooldown.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 2 (regular), 3 (Global)
Other appearances
Schrödinger's Cat Girl

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • If you use the regular Flux and choose an item besides Improbability Device: You turn it into a random item out of the generic item-givers pool.
  • If you use the Global Flux and choose an item besides Improbability Device: You turn the chosen item (and all items it shares a slot with) in all player inventories into items out of the generic item-givers pool. (The random result for each player whose chosen item is affected is independently decided rather than being uniform.)
  • If you use the regular Flux and choose Space Capacitator or Space Fluctuator: There is a chance that all other players gain the same item your item turns into.
  • If you use the Global Flux and choose Space Capacitator or Space Fluctuator: There is a chance that all players gain every single item that each Space Capacitator or Space Fluctuator item turns into.
  • If you use the regular Flux and choose an Improbability Device: You turn it into a random result out of the following pool:
  • If you use the Global Flux and choose an Improbability Device: You turn all Improbability Device items in all player inventories into random results out of the above pool. (The random result gained by each player whose Improbability Device is affected is independently decided rather than being uniform.)
  • If the Class Talent is active: If you use the regular or Global Flux and choose an item besides Improbability Device, the item that you create for yourself is added as a new option for this skill's Standard Use; you can create a new copy of that item (unless you already created it with the new option or you created another such item with regular/Global Flux afterwards); this causes Multiversal Flux to go on cooldown for 3 turns.

Quantum Quality[edit | edit source]

Quantum Quality
In-Game Description
Tooltip Give yourself a random positive effect.

If the Class Talent is active: Generates an extra positive effect. Cooldown reduced to 6 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 8
Other appearances
Schrödinger's Cat Girl

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Can become immune to death with no immediate side effects.
  • Multiversal Flux can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment.
  • Can turn cheap items into many strong items that are not readily available with most classes.
  • Quantum Quality can produce a variety of useful skills/effects.
  • Skill cooldowns besides Quantum Quality are on the low side.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Randomness is a huge element of this class. Quantum Physicist gambles with items, position, and even life on a regular basis.
  • Quantum Physicist cannot affect other players directly, with exception of a Global Multiversal Flux...which requires you to give up a potentially useful item yourself, and will possibly give the other players something at least as useful.
  • Multiversal Flux can require a lot of item fodder.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Pick up low-cost items in shops, and Flux them into hopefully more useful things. The Engineering Shop has a fair few items at 5 rupees or less, most of which are situational in the first place. The Market also has 2 low-cost items, Skinning Knife and Gloves. The Pawn Shop can also be a great place to go for Flux fuel depending on how players buy from and sell to it. You should always be looking for cheap items to Flux and turn into more rare and useful items.
  • Many items from the ACME Shop that are otherwise dangerous are very useful to a Quantum Physicist. The Box can be used to get safe mileage out of ACME Rocket or blow up ACME TNT while in the blast-zone. It can also save you from dying to items attracted by an ACME Magnet (though beware you may still be Incapacitated.)
  • One of the more notable uses of Global Multiversal Flux -- that is, using the skill on an item in all players' inventories -- is to do it on Hypno Glasses when everybody receives it through the "Hypno Hacks" event. This is advisable if you feel that most of these will target you or a teammate who is currently leading the pack. Similar opportunities can be found with Lever's Reinforcements Activation Panel and when somebody uses Weaponize. You can also use it to deny Wands/Orbs/Staffs (esp. right after an enemy charges one with a Spell), Hammer for Alchemist (and situationally Paladin), and Boots/Gloves for Necromancer/-cubus.
  • Avoid using Global Multiversal Flux randomly. It may not be worthwhile to risk giving another player a really good item.
  • Coffee (and Cocaine Cola and Star Power to some extent) are more useful for Quantum Physicist due to Quantum Uncertainty moving the player around. However, the Light Spell Wormhole is completely worthless for the same reason. Also, you need to be more careful with Sniper Rifle and Power Morpher.
  • The Earthwarder's Sigil can prevent moving backward due to Quantum Uncertainty.
  • A Sheep released and immediately caught with a Pocket Ball leaves behind a remote that can be fluxed.
  • Any item with multiple charges can be almost entirely used up and then Fluxed instead of fully used up, trashed, or sold.
  • Pay attention to where you are at the end of your Roll Phase. If you are close to an opponent, Quantum Uncertainty may put you on top of them, or vice versa.
  • You should usually use Multiversal Flux on an Improbability Device for its special results instead of using the Device for another purpose.
  • The Winter seasonal event is extremely useful for Quantum Physicists due to Pick Snowballs giving item fodder.
  • If the Adventure Time reference event is chosen by you, you can gain an Orb or Shades from Ooo while Global Fluxing the Prisms Of Ooo to deny the same to enemy players. Also, if you've gained Temporary Frost Immunity from Quantum Quality, you can randomly explore Ooo for a chance to beat up Ice King for a Staff and 3 Crystals.
  • If the Dr. Who reference event is chosen, other players can go to The Market more reliably, making it much more costly to deny Boots/Gloves to Necromancer/-cubus long-term. However, if you've gained Arcane Vision from Quantum Quality while other players do not have it, your exclusive access to the Arcane Portal gives you an edge.
  • If the Board Game Of Thrones reference event is chosen, you can become a Stark for Boots and Gloves (to more easily deny them to Necromancer/-cubus for instance.) Simply being a Stark is useful for Quantum Physicists even without repeat visits to Winterfell, as Starks collect Snowballs passively, which can be Fluxed. Alternatively, you can become a Targaryen to get an Ancient Dragon Claw if you've gotten an Orb from Fluxing an Improbability Device, or you could even try to kill The Dragon, using Schrodinger's Box to avoid death if you fail. You can also Global Flux Iron Coins when they generate to deny them to other players if you somehow judge that to be worth it.
  • If the Interdimensional Portal Gun reference event is chosen, you can explore Cronenberg streets without fear of Creeping Fungus since you can just Flux it. On Doggo World, you can use the Box's Death Immunity to successfully steal a Doge and a Cognition Amplifier.

Counterplay[edit | edit source]

  • This class depends on manipulating items, so item destruction can often hit items that are either valuable or useful for turning into better things.
  • Schrödinger's Box can prevent death, but baiting the skill can lead the QP to die in a later turn and possibly leave them without access to their Death Immunity when they really want it.
    • To do this, prepare some sort of death effect like charging a wand with Death, playing a Diss Card: Death, or setting a Phaser to kill. When the QP goes into their box to avoid death, switch to another target. You'll kill your target and may also see the QP die once out of their box.

Dual-Class Synergies[edit | edit source]

Enchanter[edit | edit source]

  • Death due to Schrodinger's Box can be prevented by Light Scroll: Life Shield or made negligible with an Ethereal Light Scroll: Revive.
  • Light Scroll: Energize from Condensing Fairy Crystal synergizes well with Quantum Physicist; it allows you to extend your Death Immunity without adding another chance to die from the Box Buff ending, and it bypasses the extremely high cooldown of Quantum Quality.
  • Multiversal Flux used on an Improbability Device can produce 5 outcomes, all of which synergize well with Enchanter.
  • Condense Magic provides fairly reliable access to Lovely Crystal for the creation of Cupid's Bow, and you can Global Flux Shields (most notably in the endgame of a typical game) to ensure the Disarm applies. Supposing you choose Indians in The Wild West for the Bow, arrows, & training, you will also coincidentally have access to Russian Roulette, which synergizes well with Schrodinger's Box, Light Scroll: Life Shield, and Ethereal revives.
  • Powerful items created by Multiversal Flux can be protected with Enchant.
  • If Flux and Condense Magic are both off cooldown, you should typically use Flux first on the off-chance that you get a Crystal from Flux (unless you already have a Crystal you want to Condense.)

Merchant[edit | edit source]

  • Banking grants Rupees for, and Trade Routes grants access to, cheap items for fueling Multiversal Flux: The Magic Shop's Wands, The Engineering Shop's Hammer, Lightning Rod, Time Travel Condom, Night Vision Goggles, Signal Jammer, and Battery/Plunger/Screw on the right days, The ACME Shop's ACME Piano and Anvil/Sneezing Powder on the right days, and Pawn Shop's random cheap items. The Pawn Shop can also grant Rupees for fuel.
  • Trade Routes gives increased shop access for the purpose of item denial with Global Flux, esp. denial of Wands and Alchemist's/Paladin's Hammer.
  • The Bank's Life Insurance has synergy with dying to Schrodinger's Box (as does the Church's Auto-Resurrection in a pinch.)
  • The ACME Shop's ACME Rocket and ACME TNT and The Engineering Shop's Explosive Sheep and Spider Mine have synergy with the Box's Death Immunity.

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

  • Exiting Schrodinger's Box presents a 50/50 Drain Soul opportunity.
  • With the Box's Death Immunity, you can more readily "die" to drain yourself (though Drain Soul's cooldown won't be reset.)
  • You can revive yourself with Ethereal Gloves when you die exiting the Box.

Ranger[edit | edit source]

  • Tracking's Crossroads grants more opportunities for getting Flux fuel.
  • Feign Death can be used to ensure being unaffected by a death while exiting the Box.
  • Beast Mastery Talent activates any time you destroy a Living item with Flux, and the Living items themselves can be generated by Flux and Pack Leader.
  • Flux is fairly likely to create Living items with cooldowns, cooldowns which Pack Leader can reset.
  • For beating Crossroad's Archaeology Dig, Schrodinger's Box can beat the Cursed Gate. Multiversal Flux and Quantum Quality can give various helpful things for beating the Dig as well.

Time Twister[edit | edit source]

  • Not My Time Yet synergizes well with death due to Schrodinger's Box and works well with Schrodinger's Box and Quantum Quality cooldowns.
  • Lock Time grants Rupees for buying items for Flux fuel.
  • Multiversal Flux can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of Time Twister's weaknesses.
  • Time Twister's stalling allows for stockpiling with Multiversal Flux and Lock Time.
  • This class combination is especially useful for Wild Mode: To Infinity And Beyond.

Warlock[edit | edit source]

  • Schrodinger's Box can be used to prevent death to Chaotic Power (though this will ultimately prevent gaining a Skull if you survive exiting the Box.) Alternatively, you can use the Box independently at an important time and then make it so death due to Chaotic Power occurs alongside exit from the Box since you would have already had a chance of dying anyway.
  • Multiversal Flux used on an Improbability Device can produce 5 outcomes, all of which synergize well with Warlock.
  • Quantum Quality's Speed, Fiery Defense, Frosty Defense, and Cards Of Fate (and Auto-Resurrection esp. in the endgame) are particularly useful for Warlock.
  • Skulls acquired through Skull Collector can be Fluxed. This is best to do when you think you are about to gain too many Skulls and Harvest Power is about to come off cooldown anyway or you already have Chaos Infusion.
  • Multiversal Flux can grant access to items that pair well with Chaotic Energy.