Ministry Of Silly Walks

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Ministry Of Silly Walks is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Flavor Events Neutral Effect from the [The Ministry Of Silly Walks] option of Wildcard: Flavor Events, the talented Trade Routes event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Ministry Of Silly Walks] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Khufu's Journey event, or from the [A card picturing a man with a weird strut.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also simply be a random event.

In the event, you gain 12 Rupees and lose 1 permanent Speed.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Ministry Of Silly Walks

The Ministry Of Silly Walks gives you a government grant to help you develop your silly walk. You receive 12 Rupees, but you lose 1 Speed.

Chatbox Text[edit | edit source]

[PlayerName] obtained a government grant to develop his silly walk.

Accompanied Video[edit | edit source]