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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Middle Ages (flavor text).

Middle Ages can be reached with the Gallifreyan Time Travel Neutral Effect, from It's... Bigger On The Inside! after saying yes in The Doctor In The TARDIS, from strapping on The Time Machine, from Crackling Lightning after pulling The Lever, or from the [A card picturing a castle.] option in Cards Of Fate. It cannot simply be a random event. (Also, the Robin Hood subevent under Travel can be reached from the [A card picturing a bunch of merry men.] option in Cards Of Fate.)

In the event, the player can choose to get a quest, visit a nearby town, or travel 2-5 spaces and get a random subevent.

Go on a quest[edit | edit source]

You gain a random Quest Gem (if you don't have one; if you have one, nothing really happens) and are told by Sir Lancelot of a specific reward one will receive for using the Quest Gem in such a way that completes the quest. The types of gem with their accompanying quests are:

  • Assassinate: You are told of a random other player who must be Dead when you use your Quest Gem. (You don't actually have to kill them.)
  • Desert Souls: You are told to use your Quest Gem inside the Deadly Pyramid.
  • Gem Elixir: You are told to drink a Gem Elixir which results from combining a Bucket and a Potion with your gem.

The possible rewards are:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As long as you don't have a Quest Gem item in your inventory, you can get a new one from this subevent. Interestingly, having someone else's gem will prevent you from getting a new one.
  • The quest reward told to you by Lancelot when receiving the gem is tied to the item even when it is somehow obtained by another player.
  • If you acquire someone else's Quest Gem or resultant Gem Elixir, you will receive the reward instead of the original quest receiver if you use it to complete the quest.

Visit the nearest town[edit | edit source]

You are given a choice of going to the Church or to The Market.

Travel[edit | edit source]

Move 2-5 spaces forward. If the artwork then shown is of a valley rather than a path surrounded by bushes, and the flavor text says you go "through a mountainous valley", you can then mine with your Mining Pick for a generic item before continuing. Upon continuing, you go to one of the following randomly selected subevents:

Subevents[edit | edit source]

A Hammer[edit | edit source]

You receive a Hammer.

A Relic[edit | edit source]

You receive a Relic.

Deckard Cain[edit | edit source]

Rent-A-Catapult[edit | edit source]

You are asked if you want to pay 4 Rupees to use a Catapult.

  • If you say yes with sufficient Rupees, you lose 4 Rupees and go to the Catapult.
  • If you say yes without sufficient Rupees, you are "thrown into a dark dungeon", gaining Skip-A-Turn.
  • If you say no, you simply leave.

Robin Hood[edit | edit source]

  • If you have 8 or less Rupees, each other player loses 50% of their Rupees, and you receive those Rupees.
  • If you have 9 or more Rupees, you lose all of your Rupees, and those Rupees are evenly distributed amongst all other players.

The Mountain Pass[edit | edit source]

The Witch[edit | edit source]

  • Spellbinder's Charm absorbs a random rare Dark Spell; the absorbed Spell does not have to be related to a Curse.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Robin Hood subevent is listed on this page rather than its own page because Robin Hood is always considered to be in the Middle Ages when digging with a Shovel (and unlike The Market, it is not an Event Phase base event.) Deckard Cain, on the other hand, is not considered to be in the Middle Ages when digging with a Shovel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]