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Lance is an item.

In-Game Description
Tooltip Pick up your Lance and get ready to joust. With your next movement, you'll attack the first player on your path, performing a melee attack on them based on the distance you moved to reach them.
  • 0-7 spaces: Skip-A-Turn
  • 8-14 spaces: Incapacitate
  • 15+ spaces: Kill

If the Lance is readied: You are ready to joust! The next time you move, you will attack the first player on your path.

Flavor Text "Even though I'm a knight, I don't really use my lance a lot."

Designed by Jacquelyn, one of our most generous supporters!

Object, Magnetic
Uses 3
Cooldown 4

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Ready your lance. Your next movement will perform a melee attack on the first other living player you move through.
  • If you move 0-7 spaces: The player gains Skip-A-Turn.
  • If you move 8-14 spaces: The player is Incapacitated.
  • If you move 15+ spaces: The player dies.
  • If you don't reach another player: Nothing occurs besides this item losing 1 charge and going on cooldown.
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