King Leonidas

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King Leonidas is a random event.

In the event, you gain the THIS IS SPARTA! skill. (If you have the skill already, nothing happens.)

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter without having THIS IS SPARTA!:

King Leonidas
You find yourself in the presence of the fierce Spartan King Leonidas. His battle fury is unmatched, his manliness greater than in the stories. To be fair, you swoon a little.

'You look like you have a fight in you. Have you come to stand by us in the upcoming battle?'


King Leonidas teaches you the THIS IS SPARTA! skill. You boil with fury and are ready to stop taking shit from anyone foolish enough to encroach on your lands!


Upon encounter while having THIS IS SPARTA!:

King Leonidas
King Leonidas jumps down at you from a nearby rock.

'Hail, Spartan! I've just killed 500 Persian warriors with their own swords! Fight on, brother! Tonight we dine in hell!'