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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Jumanji (flavor text).

Jumanji is an event that replaces The Jungle for players who have the Gift Of Jumanji Buff. In addition to the ways The Jungle can be reached, Jumanji is queued upon gaining the Gift Of Jumanji Buff and can be queued randomly by the Gift Of Jumanji Buff at the moment the event queue would be checked.

In the event, you are given a range of options that involve elements of the Jumanji Jungle serving you. The options and their effects are below.

[Summon Mosquitoes][edit | edit source]

You can target another player to give them the Malaria Debuff and 8 turns of the Delusion Poison Debuff or choose [Nobody] to have nothing occur. (They can gain both Debuffs even if they're Dead.)

[Summon Van Pelt][edit | edit source]

You can choose another player to have Van Pelt shoot them or choose [Nobody] to have nothing occur. The chosen player is normally killed, with you being treated as the killer, though they survive if they are Bulletproof. (They cannot respond with the "No." skill.)

[Summon Vines][edit | edit source]

You can choose any space to instantly have vines shoot up there or choose [Nowhere] to have vines shoot up on space 0. All other players within a 5-space radius of the space where they shoot up are given Rooted. If any player besides you is within the radius (including if they have Root Immunity), you gain the Jumanji Vines Buff.

Inherent Effect[edit | edit source]

Jumanji Vines Tooltip
Your vines from Jumanji are still growing...

Buff.png Category: Buff, Unremovable

  • Jumanji Vines: During your next Effects Phase, you give Rooted to every player within a 10-space radius of the space the vines shot up on when you gained this effect, also this effect wears off.

[Summon Monsoon][edit | edit source]

You move 8-12 spaces forward, then you can fish in the monsoon lagoon with your Fishing Pole and/or your Pet Bear; Pet Bear can catch Fish only, while Fishing Pole can catch Piranha only normally (though Fishing Pole still has a chance to catch Three-Eyed Fish with Radiation active.) You can also fill your Bucket with water.

[Summon Stampede][edit | edit source]

You can choose to send a stampede either backward or forward.

  • If sent backward, all players on a lower space than you are Incapacitated and sent back 6-9 spaces.
  • If sent forward, all players on a higher space than you are Incapacitated and sent forward 6-9 spaces.
  • Other players on the same space as you will be affected and move in the direction the stampede is sent.
  • Note that Dead players can still be moved.

[Summon Earthquake][edit | edit source]

All other players are Incapacitated.

[Summon Monkeys][edit | edit source]

You can choose another player to have monkeys steal 2 random items from them; you will receive a random item from the 2. You can also choose nobody to have nothing happen. (Soulbound items cannot be stolen, also you don't receive one of the items if the monkeys can only steal 1 item, also nothing happens in the event if they have 0 stealable items.)