Jules' Jewels

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Jules' Jewels is an event that can be reached with the Traveling Salesman Neutral Effect, the Eye Of The Graeae event, or the Khufu's Journey event. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Jules' Jewels

You notice twinkles in the distance and decide to go and check them out! When you get closer, you notice a traveling salesman... or saleswoman. You're not sure, but who cares?

'Step right up, person! Welcome to Jules' Jewels, where winning the game and looking good go hand in hand!'
[Show the wares!][No thanks.]

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Jules' Jewels
'I've got some very nice jewels today! Let me know if you like anything you see!'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Ordinary Ring 1 Rupee 'I use these rings as a base for my magical rings. You can socket them with a crystal yourself!'
Ordinary Necklace 1 Rupee 'I use these necklaces as a base for my magical necklaces. You can socket them with a crystal yourself!'
Flowing Ring 8 Rupees 'This ring looks great on almost anyone! And the tingling sensation it gives you when you cast a spell? Simply divine!'
Ring Of Arcane Vision 5 Rupees This ring doesn't just make you look magical... it makes everything look magical!
Ring Of Earth Attunement 6 Rupees 'Now... I'm not going to lie. This ring doesn't work well with the rest of your outfit. But with its magical properties you can easily craft yourself some better looking jewelry!'
Ring Of Light 8 Rupees 'I'm not a big fan of death. It's so gloomy and boring... At least this ring will help you reduce your downtime!'
Ring Of Poison Immunity 7 Rupees 'Poison is unfashionable and unpractical. Besides, the green looks good on you!'
Ring Of Roll Streak 9 Rupees 'If you're going to get attention from the crowd by getting a Roll Streak, you might as well do it in style!'
Ring Of Speed 11 Rupees 'This is a very popular ring. You can't go wrong with a bit of speed and red goes well with almost any outfit!'
Ring Of Spell Deflecting 8 Rupees 'Hmm hmm. I normally wouldn't advise you to wear purple, but it may not be a bad choice considering all the harmful magic that's being flung around these days.'
Amethyst Necklace 9 Rupees 'Fighting wizards can be a huge pain, but this necklace will give them something to think about.'
Catseye Necklace 9 Rupees 'Catseye stares into your soul and into the heart of the universe. It reveals hidden knowledge to those with an open mind.'
Diamond Necklace 9 Rupees 'Diamonds grant fortitude and stamina, especially to those in need of some extra help.'
Obsidian Necklace 7 Rupees 'Are you sure you want this Obsidian Necklace? It radiates pure demonic energy!'
Opal Necklace 11 Rupees These opals are (sic) contain fluctuating magic! Personally I love the quirky randomness!
Pearl Necklace 8 Rupees 'I love pearls! Everything about them is perfect. This necklace is so shiny that it sparkles!'
Peridot Necklace 10 Rupees 'This necklace shines with creepy magic, but it's sooooo stylish! It's just to die for!'
Ruby Necklace 8 Rupees 'You know how people tell you that you have to feel the burn when you're working out? Now you know why!'
Sapphire Necklace 9 Rupees 'A bad roll can be annoying, but these sapphire crystals can condense the slowness to make it useful!'
Topaz Necklace 10 Rupees 'This necklace brims with energy! An excellent way to make use of your downtime!'
Dark Crystal 10 Rupees Are you sure you want a Dark Crystal? It's just so... eerie...
Fairy Crystal 10 Rupees 'I hurt myself too often handling these crystals. Here, perhaps you can put its magic to use!'
Happy Crystal 10 Rupees 'I'm not using this one for my own jewelry, but you might find a more magical use for it.'
Lovely Crystal 10 Rupees 'A bit too cute for my taste, but here you go!'
Night Crystal 10 Rupees 'I'd love to socket one of these in a ring or a necklace!'
Generic post-purchase quote
Jules carefully hands you an X...'Did you like anything else?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Hey, jewels don't come cheap! Come back when you can afford to buy something.'
Death quote
You seem to have died at Jules' Jewels. Jules sighs and drags your corpse into the nearest bush.
Leaving quote
'Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to come back later though. I receive new wares all the time!'

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only 2 Magic Rings, 2 Magic Necklaces, and 1 Magic Crystal will be available for purchase per visit. Though initially selected randomly from their respective pools, these items will continue being in the shop for all players on future visits and won't be replaced by another random item from their respective pool until being purchased by a player.
  • According to Dysprosium, it's not possible for both Magic Rings or both Magic Necklaces in the shop to be the same item simultaneously.